Vaughn Gittin Jr Forever Drift S550 Mustang RTR

Video: Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drifts his S550 RTR Spec 5 in “Forever Drift”

Professional drifter and world champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. just upped the bar in this new video, drifting 3,200 ft continually around an F1 circuit! No stranger to getting a Mustang sideways, Vaughn Gittin Jr. unleashed the power of his S550 drift car on the Formula 1 Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Make sure to turn your speakers up for this one

Vaughn drifted through all 1,600 ft. of Turn 3 and went on for a 3,200-foot drift, connecting turn 3 to through the exit of turn 4. Powered by an Aluminator XS crate motor with a Magnaflow exhaust setup that sounds like it is ready to rip your face off, Vaughn’s RTR Spec 5 drift ready S550 Mustang is a total sensory experience.

It’s awe inspiring watching his Nitto tires simultaneously grip the track and steer him through each 2015 Mustang RTR Drifitng by Vaughn Gittin Jrsweeping drift, while creating monstrous clouds of smoke as they slide through turn-after-turn. Enthusiasts like myself could only dream of having those Mustang parts on our ride.

How wild is this drifting video? Where do you think Vaughn should drift next? Comment your thoughts below and let us know!

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