2007 GT

Turning Heads & Spinning Wheels: Nina’s 2007 Mustang GT

AM customer Nina has transformed her 2007 Mustang GT into a head turning muscle car, capable of laying down a sick burnout or breaking necks at car shows. Nina’s ’07 GT is the perfect mix of menacing good looks and even more menacing performance. With a short build list, Nina was able to completely improve the looks, handling, and power of her 4.6L GT.

Pypes Off-Road H-Pipe

Item #: 20125
HPipe-CS-001With the addition of a Pypes Off-Road H-Pipe, Nina’s 3-valve 4.6L roars to life when she steps on the throttle, yet returns to a mellow, muscle car idle at a stoplight. The Pypes exhaust helps to free up some horsepower while also dramatically improving the sound.

SR Performance Lowering Springs

Item #: 53151SR-Springs-001

Improving her GT’s handling and its stance are a set of SR Performance Lowering Springs. These lowering springs will lower the car’s center of gravity, helping it to turn in and grip better, eliminating that “floaty” feeling you get going around a corner. On top of that, the 1.5” drop gives Nina’s Mustang a more aggressive stance.

C&L Racer Cold Air Intake w/95mm MAF

Item #: 98409CL-CAI-001

Adding a bump of power is the C&L Racer Cold Air Intake with a 95mm MAF. The C&L Cold Air Intake pumps in colder, denser air which provides the engine with the power it needs to spin the wheels.

Bama X4/SF4 Handheld Tuner

Item #: 101200G05X4 Bam Tuner-CS-001

Nina’s whole build gets tied together with the Bama Performance handheld tuner and tune. By adjusting the car’s computer with the tune, all of the new mods work together as efficiently as possible, making all of the power gains possible while also improving drivability.

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