Ron Miller’s CPe 2015 EcoBoost Mustang Build

AM Expert Ron’s Guard Green 2015 EcoBoost Mustang was on display the whole time at the 2015 SEMA show, and even was the center-piece of the Flowmaster booth at the SEMA Ignited party. Going fender-to-fender with an assortment of Mustangs, Ron’s EcoBoost stood out as a show favorite for many due to its simple and clean execution. With a healthy build list, Ron’s meticulously modified EcoBoost proved to everyone that big things can come from small displacements. 2015-RonMiller-RTR-Grille-001

RTR Grille
Item #: 389943
Adding a stealthy and aggressive undertone to Ron’s Mustang is an RTR Grille. The RTR Grille has increased air flow to the radiator for improved cooling and offers a simple, no-cut installation, making it a must have
for any S550 owner.2015-RonMiller-BOV-001

Tial Sport Q 8 PSI Blow Off Valve
Item #: 389748
A Tial Sport Q 8 PSI Blow Off Valve (BOV) was necessary for Ron’s EcoBoost to pump up the power. Thanks to this Tial BOV, Ron’s Mustang can safely handle higher amounts of boost and even support up to 1,800 HP.

cp-e QKspl Downpipe2015-RonMiller-antiroll-001

Item #: 388889
Adding an aggressive exhaust note while also increasing power is cp-e’s QKspl Downpipe. Using 304 stainless steel, the QKspl down pipe removes the restrictive factory exhaust and replaces it with cp-e’s more free flowing design—a great mod for any EcoBoost owner.

Eibach Anti-Roll Sway Bar Kit2015-RonMiller-Eibach-001

Item #: 384459
Helping Ron’s EcoBoost to turn in on a
dime is an Eibach Anti-Roll Sway Bar Kit. With stiffer sway bars than stock, the Eibach kit helps to reduce body roll allowing for flatter cornering and better stability in
any driving situation.

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