2015 850+ Hp Mustang

October Hot Lap: 850+ HP Giveaway Mustang Goes Down The Track

On this episode of Hot Lap, Justin takes our 850+ HP giveaway Mustang down the 1/4 mile, a ’16 GT gets some show and go mods and of course, we review some new parts! Hot Lap is AmericanMuscle’s monthly video capturing the hottest news in the Mustang World, spanning many Mustang generations and communities. We cover everything from the sickest Mustangs around, new parts that we carry, parts we are giving away, news from Ford, and everything in between.

850+ HP Mustang Quarter Mile Run

Justin gets behind the wheel of our 850+ HP 2015 Mustang that we are giving away later this year to put it through its paces down the track. Justin made a handful of paces trying to get his 60 ft down as well as his 1/4 time. By the end of the night, he managed to squeak out a 1.6 60 ft and a 11.3 1/4-mile pass.

New Parts

Stephanie gives us the rundown on a handful of new parts, for 2010-2014 Mustangs. MMD by Foose quarter window scoops and side scoops have just been released as well as an MMD by Foose Rear Spoiler. All three parts mix that iconic Foose styling with MMD’s sleek finish and appearance, bringing you a show-stopping look.

2016 Mustang GT Build

AM Customer Andy brought his 2016 Mustang GT into our office to get some upgrades for his pony. Modded 2016 Mustang GTAndy’s GT got the full treatment and was upgraded with a mix of show and go mods that include:

After getting tuned, Andy’s GT put down a whopping 410 RWHP 391 RWTQ, a healthy bump over the stock 386 RWHP 364 RWHP. In the curve, the ’16 GT picked up 33 HP 40 TQ.

Be sure to tune into next month’s episode of Hot Lap and be sure to enter the 10th anniversary giveaway, which will be given away on Black Friday.

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