2018 Mustang Hood Bump

2018 Mustang Spied Again, Convertible Seen Testing

We are slowly starting to see more and more 2018 Mustang test mules roaming on the streets, with two more captured this past weekend.Originally reported by our friends over at Mustang6G, the first 2018 Mustang Convertible test vehicle was spotted along with a fastback featuring a curious hood bump that has some speculating about changes to the 5.0L.

2018 Mustang Hood Bump – 5.0 Changes Coming?

The fastback that was spied testing appears to be more of a test mule than a pre-production car. 2018 Mustang Test Mule HoodAlthough it featured a spray-on camouflage, it seems as though it was testing a revised power train than a complete new car.

What has lead many (including myself) to this conclusion is the awkwardly placed “hood scoop.” Off-center towards the driver’s side, many have interpreted this to be a one-off mod to make room for testing hardware. If that is the case, what would they be testing under the hood?

Updates To The Coyote Engine

There have been some rumors circulating around about the coyote getting combined port fuel 2018 Mustang Test Vehicle injection with direct fuel injection, giving it a nice bump in power. Already the 5.0L makes 435 HP in its S550 Mustang form, so it is curious to think about how much more that could go up. The current Chevrolet Camaro makes 455 HP, and considering Ford and Chevy’s storied history of going back in forth in a sort of “Horsepower war“, it would not be surprising to see this number not only matched, but exceeded with the 2018 Mustang.

There has been a lot of other speculation around the hood bump on this hood bump and what it could mean for the 2018 line-up, including some thoughts around a possible S550 Mach 1 variant, but nothing with enough credibility to report on. We will continue to monitor this story closely and will be sure to post as we learn more about it.

2018 Convertible Mustang Sighting

The convertible Mustang that was spotted was covered from bumper to bumper in camouflage, 2018 Mustang Convertibleleaving a lot of the design changes/updated up to the imagination. It is doubtful that a whole lot is going to drastically change on the ’18 vert Mustang, but there will be design updates which is why we are seeing the heavy handed camo.

The one design takeaway from this vehicle was that is seems as though the grille opening has been lowered a little bit from where it is on the current model. This will likely give the 2018 a sleeker appearance, but we’ll have to wait for a camo-free car to make that assessment.

What are your thoughts on the mysterious hood bump? Is Ford revamping the coyote or do they have something else up their sleeve? Comment your thoughts below!


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