2017 Ford SVT Raptor

Spotted: 2017 Raptor’s “Sand Mode” Being Tested

A group of 2017 Ford Raptors were spotted field testing in Michigan being put through the paces, finding the limits of some of the different terrain modes. Originally reported on by Jalopnik, one of the Raptors in the group got bogged down testing the sand mode and needed to be rescued by another 2017 SVT Raptor.

Terrain Management System

The next generation Raptor has 6 adaptive terrain modes to help it conquer any sort of environment. One of those terrain modes is a mud/sand setting that engages the Raptor’s 4×4 high gear and the electronic locking differential. The AdvanceTrac is adjusted to help you avoid getting your truck buried in the thick/loose surface while the power steering is enhanced to assist you in cranking the wheel.

While testing out this mode in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on some sandy terrain, a lucky enthusiast happened to catch the trio of 2017 Raptors putting the new truck through its paces. The engineers were getting data validation for the Raptor’s sand mode, when one of them happened to get stuck on a sand mound.

In the video below, you can see the Raptor getting into trouble around 4:30 into the video.

Why This Is Good

The new Raptor is going to pack a helluva punch with it’s 3.5L TT V6 that is going to be making 450 HP and 510 TQ, backed by an incredible suspension setup and at this stage in the game, Ford is basically fine tuning the 2017 Raptor, making it as close to perfect as possible. They are trying to push it to its limits, so that when enthusiast’s take a Raptor off-road, it will dominate the trail.

What are your thoughts on the Raptor’s off-road capability? Is this going to be the most aggressive off-road factory truck ever or is it going to be better suited for mall crawling? Comment your thoughts below!

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