S550 Shelby GT350

Breaking: 2018 Shelby GT350 Add Option of Automatic Trans

Everyone’s favorite budget track star the Shelby GT350 looks like it will be getting an automatic transmission in 2018. Reported on by Jalopnik.com and over at Mustang6G, it looks like Ford plans on adding a DCT automatic to the 2018 GT350.

7 Speed Shelby GT350

It was recently discovered that the production of the 5.2L Voodoo Motor as well as the GT350 would Shelby GT350 on trackbe extended through the 2019 model year (which is awesome by itself), but in that report it appears that Ford is planning on adding the option of being able to buy a GT350 with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

This is the same transmission that is being used in the Ford GT and offers a lot of performance benefits on and off the track. Gear changes are lightening fast and downshift are as smooth as butter. Ultimately, a DCT in a GT350 would arguably mean faster lap times as the gear changes would take milliseconds, much faster than the old reliable three pedal and a stick setup.

Why An Automatic In a GT350 Is Troubling

While from a performance standpoint a transmission as cutting edge and competition oriented as DCT is phenomenal news, it is kind of a sad milestone for some enthusiast. All of the performance cars in Ford’s lineup, (the GT500, Focus RS, Focus ST, and the ’15-’17 GT350) have always been manual only, directly appealing to the enthusiast market.

Some can’t help but wonder if this is the beginning of a slippery slope, the end of the manuals-a 2016 Shelby GT350Rphrase that has been circulating in the automotive world for a few years now. While a manual option for the GT350 will continue to be an option, it is uncertain for just how long. This will likely mean that finding a manual 2018 Shelby GT350 Mustang will become harder than it already is, as dealers will want to carry the DCT equipped Shelby over the manual version.

Hopefully, this won’t be the case, but at the very least, we should be grateful that the GT350 is getting its production extended, and that it is going to become an even more potent vehicle on and off the track.

What are your thoughts on the GT350 getting an automatic dual-clutch transmission? Would you rather it manual-only, or is this “shift” in production a needed addtion? Comment your thoughts below!


    1. I was going to buy a new ZL1, but I can wait now for the Shelby GT 350, I’m over 50 also and live in CA traffic all day long


  1. Now more people will be able to get it and thus more idiots that can’t drive and more bad rep for mustang drivers I totally get it for people with disabilities but the idiots that think they’re vin diesel shouldn’t get these awesome cars


    1. More people should be able to get the car!!!! That’s what car manufacturing should be about. Providing options for all drivers not just selfish enthusiast who don’t want people with disabilities or high traffic cities to own their dream cars. Manuals are horrible cars for citizens in NY, California, DC, Atlanta, Maryland, Baltimore, VA, Charlotte. The traffic is just insane. For the life of me I never understood why car makers would not make the best of both worlds take care of enthusiasts, while at the same time providing an automatic option. for the reasons mentioned above. I’m 100% sure that ford lost sales to Chevy and Dodge because of failing to provide the option of an automatic. That is another reason why the Viper did not have more sales cause I sure as hell would have purchased a Viper if they provided an automatic option. In my opinion it is the most assonine marketing decision to do.


    2. Your the idiot, all great performance cars have paddle shifters now. Just means more sales for Shelby , Saleen had the option, so should Shelby


  2. I was paralyzed in 2008 and had to get rid of my ’08 GT500 due to the manual transmission. For me, the option of an automatic transmission is long overdue.


  3. It’s not a bad idea but the manual transmision it’s for the true driver i dont care a bout the lap times if you do buy a Porsche not a Shelby one of the best drivers cars in the world not the fastest


    1. Many people don’t care about lap times or even that pure driver enthusiast crap!!! People in America should have the privilege to drive one of Americas finest cars in every city with every transmission option period….


  4. It’s all about economics and the fact is that the new automatic transmission s are very good. I don’t think there is anything wrong with offering an auto as long as a manual is an option. Currently own a 1990 Mists and a 2012 Shelby Gt500. Both are manuals. Daily driver is a 2015 GTI and that has a DSG automatic. DSG is superb but is not a replacement for a manual. Does not matter to me if the manual might be slower, on the street it is meaningless. Also have a new Miata RF on order and naturally it is a manual!


  5. The 911 R and Cayman GT4 are some of Porsches most sought after models and they come with three pedals and manual box despite offering faster cars with a DCT. Unless the take rate on the manual trans cars drops precipitously low I’m sure Ford will offer both, besides the DCT isn’t going to be a free lunch it’s going to add a fair bit of cost to the GT350 probably even more so than the slush box option in the Mustang GT.


  6. I was also paralyzed. Date of injury was 10/21/15. I had a 2013 BOSS 302. I had to sell it because my legs are dead. Was a VERY sad day for me! SO—I’m all for the automatic.


  7. Stop calling DCTs automatics. They are not automatics. They are electronically shifted manual transmissions, with gears and clutches. They are also awesome.


  8. I’m in favor of the Shelby GT350 having a Automatic Trans.,also.
    I’ve been waitting for this since 2007 when Ford brought back the Shelby Name.
    Cannot wait to order one.


  9. About time. I lost use of my legs due to a helicopter crash in Iraq in 2008. Eventually sold my GT500 because the adaptive modifications were too expensive and just did not work well. My 2013 ROUSH has an automatic and I love it. The automatic transmission will open up the Shelby market to all us gimps out there who deal with paralysis or amputations.


  10. Not offering automatics in Ford performance cars was just one reason Mark Fields was fired from Ford. Porsche 911’s and Corvettes have had automatics that now outsell manuals. Look at disappointing sales of the Viper. Face it, the world wants automatics or dual clutch transmissions as an option to manuals.


    1. this guy… get back in your 01 GT with your 4.6L and stfu… You will never sit in this car let alone drive one to even comment on it. So why would you care how people are passing you in it? shifting or not.. Grow up.


  11. If I want one , my wife does not drive a stick shift so I will be more than happy with the automatic. My juvenile days are long gone. All grown up and ready for an automatic.


  12. despite the “fun and control” of a manual I have a 2014 xk jag and the paddle shift ZF slush? box are instant and complete blast in canyon blasting. cant wait 7 speed dual clutch out of GT Ford call me a pussy see you at the track


  13. I am in my mid-50’s. I have an artificial left hip and rowing the gearbox and stomping on a clutch has become next to impossible for me. Knowing that I can get a Shelby with an A/T is music to my ears!


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