MMD By Foose & V-Series Parts

Combining MMD’s innovative and modern styling with Chip Foose’s legendary vision gave way to the MMD by Foose Mustang and a whole new line of parts. MMD by Foose parts take classic styling cues and present them in a sleek yet refined package, which ultimately highlight the body lines of the S550 Mustang and bring out a more aggressive ‘Stang.



MMD by Foose Rear Spoiler – fastback –
Unpainted (15-16 All) Item #:387385-00 $299.99

MMD by Foose qtr Window Louver – unpainted
(15-16 All) Item #:387386-00 $249.99


MMD by Foose Side Scoops – unpainted
(15-16 All) Item #:387387-00 $199.99


Taking the 2014 SEMA Show by storm, the MMD V-Series Mustang gave the world a glimpse at the future of Mustang styling. With a selection of parts that give any S550 Mustang an intimidating and aggressive appearance, MMD V-Series parts are the perfect way to separate yourself from the pack. The bold and distinguished styling of MMD’s V-Series parts bring out the modern muscle lurking beneath the hood of the Mustang.


MMD V-Series Rear Spoiler – pre-Painted
(15-16 All) Item #:389636 $399.99

MMD V-Series Upper Grille
(15-16 All) Item #:390014-B $249.99


MMD V-Series Lower Grille
(15-16 All) Item #:390014-C $199.99



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