Get Revved Up With Power & Performance

While there are many cars available today that strive to offer the best performance for the least amount of money, the Mustang has an edge on the competition; stock for stock, there isn’t much out there that can give America’s Pony car a run for its money.

For years, the Mustang has been a powerhouse from the factory when compared to what the competition was bringing, offering up industry-leading power and performance that other brands use as a benchmark.

When also factoring in the expansive and enthusiast centered aftermarket, the Mustang’s value and potential continues to grow, shadowing everything else in it’s price range. The true value of the Mustang is its award winning stock platform conjoined with its unlimited potential for modular modification. It only takes a handful of parts to transform the already ferocious performance of the Mustang into power and prowess that can take down cars more than 5x the cost of a new ‘Stang.

To help you unleash what’s waiting in your build, we’ve put together a mix of mods that will demolish the competition without breaking a sweat.

Pouring On The Power


Power Adders

It kind of goes without saying that if you are going to rev up your build, you are going to start with the heart and highlight of the car: the engine. Whether you have a 3-valve 4.6L or a 4-valve 5.0L, you have the option to add big power, which will yield big results.

Hellion single turbo – complete kit Item #:42600

Slapping a power adder on to your engine will inject a couple hundred extra horsepower to your pony, giving you the muscle to smack down the competition. Hellion’s line of Turbochargers can deliver over 1,000 RWHP when properly optimized with supporting mods. Turbochargers are the most efficient way to add power to your Mustang as they use the exhaust gasses to create power, and Hellion’s will give you all the power you need.

Exhausting All Options – Exhaust SetupsFlowmaster-Outlaw-001

If you are looking for raw power and raw sound, than adding a set of long tube headers is a must. Long Tube Headers will allow your engine to fully scavenge the exhaust gases, picking you up some extra power while letting out a roaring exhaust note. BBK’s Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers will help your engine to breathe better while bumping up the decibels on your ride.

If you are looking to keep the stock headers, but still improve the sound and net some performance gains, than upgrading you will want to upgrade your catback. Modifying your Mustang’s catback will improve exhaust flow, netting you some horsepower at the same time. Flowmaster’s Outlaw Axle-Back Exhaust will make your horse heard while more effectively scavenging exhaust gases.

Delivering The Power – Drivetrain Modificationsexedy-clutch-001

As your Mustang produces more and more power it is important to upgrade the delivery method of that power: the drivetrain. As the engine cranks out power, your drivetrain works to take that power and transfer it to the wheels, propelling you to the finish line.

Nestled right between the engine and the transmission, the clutch and flywheel work to take that precious power and pass it along to the rear wheels. If your ‘Stang happens to have a stick, you are going to want to replace the stock clutch and flywheel with one of the many options available on the aftermarket. Exedy’s Hyper Clutch Kit is the perfect way to harness all the power your pony is packing and send it to the rear wheels.

While upgrading the drivetrain, you’ll want to swap out the stock two-piece driveshaft for a lightweight one-piece driveshaft. The Driveshaft Shop’s Carbon Fiber One-Piece Shaft is designed and tested to take quadruple digit power while also drastically reducing rotating mass, which means less drivetrain loss for your Mustang.

Handling Your Business – Modifying The SuspensionSTsuspension-001

Aiming for cars above the Mustang’s weight class will require going with an adjustable suspension. Keeping the corners in mind, a coil over kit will let you dial in your handling to be laser precise and ready for any fight—whether it is in a straight line or around some tight turns. A KW Suspension Coil-Over Kit will give you that responsive and intuitive handling that will have you out cornering the competition.airlift-suspension-001

If you are looking for more of a jack-of-all-trades performance that will provide top notch handling that will still feel comfy as a cruiser, then an Air Lift Suspension Kit is your ticket. With digital adjustability that can go from slammed to city-driving friendly in the flip of a switch, Air Lift Suspension Kits are the automotive equivalent of being able to have your cake and eat it too.

Building Blocks – Going Full MontyBlue-MustangGT-001

Taking a stock Mustang and transforming it into a badass brawler that is as comfortable cruising as it is running up the RPMs is comparatively easy given the receptiveness to modification paired with all of the options available.

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