2018 F-150 refresh

Diesel F-150 Testing Exposed, 2018 Refresh Spied

Recent spy photographs captured what appears to be a 2018 F-150 refresh roaming around Dearborn, with some images reaffirming a possible diesel offering. Originally reported on by autoblog.com, images captured outside of Ford’s Dearborn plant spied a camouflaged F-150 doing some street testing, hinting at what will be changing in the upcoming model years.

2018 Diesel F-150 Engine Option Clues2018 F-150 Diesel Engine

In one of the photographs captured, a sticker on the test mule F-150 leads us to believe we are going to be getting a diesel F-150. When we first saw a video of a diesel F-150 being tested, it was thought that Ford was going to use a 3.0L diesel engine, and this sticker all but confirms that.

At first glance, the string of letters and numbers seems like a random internal marker, but after examining it with a closer eye, it seems there is much more to it. “JFC1-3.0-966” is prominently displayed on the sticker, with the “3.0” being singled out in the center leading many in the industry (including myself) to believe that Ford has been testing the 3.0L diesel engine.

2018 F-150 Exterior Updates

Based on the camouflage around the front and the rear of the test mule, it looks like the 2018 F-150 will be getting a bit of a facelift. The front of the F-150 was covered from the beginning of the quarter panel all the way around to the other one, obscuring sight of the headlights as well. It looks like Ford is playing around with the F-150’s grille and body lines.

In the rear of the truck, the back quarter panels, tailgate, bumper, and tail lights were all covered up 2018 F-150 tail gate updateas well. Similar to the front, it looks like the body lines are getting some slight tweaking as well as the tail lights.

Would you buy a diesel F-150? Or should Ford leave diesel engines to the rest of the F-Series line up? Comment your thoughts below!

Images from autoblog.com

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