RTR Parts For Your S550 Mustang

The redefined styling of the S550 showed the world a different take on the classic pony car, turning it into a global platform in the process. With a sleek fastback look that is reminiscent of European sports cars, the Mustang has taken on a new and reimagined identity that is rooted in the history of the American muscle car. A large part of the new identity incorporates the culture that surrounds it, including the tuner and racer community.

Professional drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr., a well-recognized face not only in the racing but also in the Mustang community, has been one of the biggest innovators in the Mustang aftermarket. When he isn’t shredding the tires on one of his many Mustangs, Vaughn has been the guiding voice and vision of Ready To Rock (RTR) parts. Somewhat of the proverbial new kid on the block when compared to other competitors, RTR has exploded into the Mustang aftermarket due to their fresh take on styling, performance, and what is possible with a Mustang.

While RTR launched at the beginning of the of the S197 refresh in 2010, RTR has jumped right into the S550 aftermarket with a lineup of parts that appeal to every and any Mustang enthusiast. With a myriad of parts available from the interior to the exterior, here is a roundup of some of the hottest parts available from RTR.


RTR has always been hallmarked by its line of aggressive and unique exterior styling parts and things are no different for the 2015 Mustang. When the S550 was unveiled, it drew some criticism for its appearance with some saying it lacked an aggressive edge to it. RTR quickly quieted the critics of the new body style when they unveiled their RTR Spec 2 concept,
which was adorned with a mix of new RTR parts.


The Grille

RTR’s vision for the front end of the new Mustang is a sleek and stealth take that incorporates function into the form. With a completely new free-flowing design, the RTR Grille is able to increase and improve airflow to the radiator, providing improved engine cooling.

The Rear Diffuser

While the back of the S550 was a design homerun in our book, RTR was able to take it to the next level with their rear diffuser. A textured finish that accentuates the lines and shape of the rear, RTR’s rear diffuser is menacing and stylish at once.

Shift Knobs


RTR’s line of shift knobs provides enthusiasts with a subtle way to flex their muscle and look good while doing it. Available in both white and black with an assortment of accent colors to choose from, RTR Shift Knobs are an easy way to incorporate a new look into your Mustang.


If there is one thing you look for when considering a new exhaust system, it is how aggressive it sounds, and RTR knows a thing or two about that. With the RTR Tactical Performance Axleback Exhausts, Mustang owners can experience a throaty and refined exhaust note that is sure to send a message. Available in a Street Spec and Competition Spec format, you can find the perfect sound for your Mustang.



One of the most sought-after mods for late model Mustangs are RTR Wheels. With a modern and
aggressive design, RTR Wheels are able to bring out a more dramatic appearance from your S550. Available in both black and charcoal in a variety of sizes and widths, RTR Wheels make doing a burnout a style statement.

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