2017 Shelby GTE S550 Mustangs

Video: 2017 Shelby GTE Mustang Revealed!

Shelby American revealed their latest creation at the Mustang Club of America’s 40th Anniversary celebration at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway: The 2017 Shelby GTE Mustang. Originally reported on by our friends over at Mustang6g.com, the Shelby GTE Mustang is the latest offering from Shelby American, a similar offering to the S550 Shelby GT-H Mustang we covered.

2017 Shelby GTE Specs & Parts

The “E” in GTE stands for enhancement, and that is essentially what the ’17 Shelby GTE is, an enhancement upon a standard GT or EcoBoost S550 Mustang. While the package can be tailored to your specific desires, it includes wheels, tires, suspension, exhaust, increased HP and TQ, interior upgrades, badging, stripes, and styling upgrades.

As mentioned above, buyers can choose from the 5.0L V8 which gets jumped up to 456 HP and 424 2017 Shelby GTE Mustangs on TrackTQ thanks to a Ford Performance Power Pack, or a 2.3L EcoBoost which gets tuned up to 335HP and 330 TQ. However, if that ain’t enough to satisfy your horsepower thirst, you can also throw on one of the many other options Shelby American offers such as a Ford Performance Cat-Back, a handling package, or even a factory approved supercharger for a little extra coin.

Shelby American worked pretty closely with For Performance to create this offering that revamps the stock foundation of the S550 Mustang with that signature Shelby charm.

Full List of Shelby GTE Upgrade Options

The full list of upgrades you get with this package as well as the additional/optinal upgrades are as follows:

Ford Performance Parts

  • Ford Performance Handling Pack
  • Ford Performance cat back Exhaust
  • Ford Performance Power Pack: (V8 only): 456* Horsepower / 424* lbs-ft of Torque

Shelby GTE Engine Tune

  • 2.3L EcoBoost engine tune: 335* Horsepower / 390* lbs-ft of Torque

Tires/Wheels2017 Shelby GTE Badge

  • Shelby spec performance tires
  • Ford Performance wheels (19×9 front and 19×5 rear)


  • Shelby GTE hood & vents
  • Shelby GTE upper and lower grilles
  • Shelby GTE rocker panels with carbon fiber accent plates
  • Shelby GTE rear spoiler
  • Shelby GTE striping and badging
  • Ford Performance front splitter
  • Powered by Ford Performance emblem
  • Shelby GTE front grill emblem and Shelby c-pillar emblem
  • Rear GTE emblem
  • Washer nozzle relocation kit


  • Shelby GTE dash plaque
  • Shelby GTE head restraint cover set
  • Shelby GTE sill plates
  • Shelby GTE serialized dash plaque and engine plate
  • Backlit Shelby GTE door sill plates
  • Shelby GTE headrests
  • Shelby GTE floor mats

Engine Appearance2017 Shelby GTE Engine

  • Shelby GTE engine plaque
  • Shelby GTE engine cap kit

Optional Features


  • Factory Supercharger (5.0L), 670 to 750+ horsepower
  • Track ready cooling systems: engine, transmission, brakes and differential
  • Forged Shelby wheels
  • Track ready suspension systems
  • Short-throw shifter
  • One-piece drive shaft
  • 3:73 or 3:55 gears
  • Wavetrac® differential
  • Shelby twin disc clutch kit


  • Carbon fiber body components
  • Convertible light bar
  • Painted Or raw finish:
  • Hood and rockers
  • Mirror caps
  • Tail light panel
  • Spoilers
  • Rear diffuser
  • Splitter

Interior2017 Shelby GTE Mustang

  • Interior seating upholstery upgrade
  • Shelby multi-gauge cluster
  • Shelby engine cap kit
  • Rear seat delete kit

* Estimated specifications with ratings to be finalized

2017 Shelby GTE Pricing & Financing

What is so cool about this offering from Shelby is that is was really aimed at being an affordable option for your everyday Mustang owner, or rather your potential one. In addition to the cost of either a EcoBoost or GT 2017 Mustang, this package will run around $17,999 for everything outlined above. However, the little one-off options and special order parts (like the supercharger) will drive the price of a Shelby GTE up.

But the best part is, you don’t need to have all that money up front. Ford Motor Credit is willing to finance the base vehicle as well as 75% of the GTE package  to approved buyers, making it even easier and more affordable to own a Shelby-fied Mustang.

What are your thoughts on the 2017 Shelby GTE Mustang? Is this really the “every man’s” Shelby or just some creative marketing? Let us know in the comments below!


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