AM2016 Show Field

AM2016 – A Day of Mustangs Revving, Burn outs, and Big HP

AM2016 was one of our most fun car shows to date, drawing in hoards of Mustangs, showcasing horsepower, and contributing to a charitable cause. Our 8th annual car show was arguably our hottest to date, with temperatures soaring, yet the passion of all the Ford enthusiasts could not be deterred.

The day was packed full of revving, burnouts, dyno runs, raffles, and clean Mustangs as far as the eye could see.  You can checkout this month’s Hot Lap below and see the video highlights from the show and read about the key moments of the day further down the page.

Dyno CompetitionA turbo Mustang on the dyno at AM2016

The SCT Dyno Competition showcased some of the highest horsepower Mustangs around, making for a day filled with spooling turbo noises and four-digit power numbers. Four Mustangs went head-to-head to see who could put down the most power, with the contestants all using newer S197 chassis. Ultimately JPC’s 2011 GT took home the win, laying down an astounding 1,388 HP, thanks to their in-house turbo system.

Revving Contest

The US Paralympics sponsored Revving Contest allowed some of the throatiest Mustangs around to flex their pipes and see who could be the loudest. Everything from New Edge Mustang’s with cat-backs to brand new S550’s with headers came out to let their beast’s scream. Through crowd-based voting, AM Customer Robert and his 2014 GT proved to the spectators that it was the loudest pony in the herd.

Burnout ContestAm2016 Burnout Contest Winner

Who doesn’t like the smell of burnt rubber after a smoky burnout? Clouds of smoke filled the air all around Maple Grove Raceway during the SCT Burnout Contest. Foxbody Mustangs to 3.7 S197s came out to roast their rubber and see who could create the biggest smoke show for AM2016.

Multiple contestants used special tire compounds to create colorful burnouts, making clouds of blue, green, red, and of course, white smoke. Ultimately AM Customer Alex and his ’95 convertible GT performed the best burnout, winning the favor of the crowd.

Exhibition Races & Make-A-Wish ParadeShelby GT350 Drag Racing At AM2016

A parade of convertible Mustangs made their way down Maple Grove’s Drag Strip, with each car carrying a Make-A-Wish recipient, waiving to the crowd. After the parade, a series of exhibition races kicked off, which showcased a series of high horsepower cars going head to head.

Everything from a worked 2007 Shelby GT500 to a 2016 Shelby GT350 ran down the 1320, even a VMP supercharged F-150 that put down a blistering 12.2 quarter mile time. The races were finished off with an unfathomably fast pass by a jet car that ran a 5.5 @ 298 MPH.

Mustang Celebrities Chip Foose at AM2016

As always, AM2016 had a few Mustang celebrities in attendance meeting their fans. Hot rod legend Chip Foose was out at the show, signing autographs and posing for pictures all day long. While Chip may not have been handing over the keys to a giveaway car this year, his presence was enjoyed by all.

Professional Drifter and RTR Parts visionary Vaughn Gittin Jr. was at the show, with a sampling of his Mustangs. His 2016 S550 GT competition car as well as his 1969 RTR-X were displayed prominently in his booth, with a crowd of people lined up all day to meet him.

AM2016 Show Sponsors

AM2016 was jam packed with some of the biggest names in the aftermarket community. Vendors such as Pypes, BBK, Flowmaster, Kooks, Mishimoto, Whiteline, Baer Brakes, Air Lift Suspension, and many more were in attendance, offering great deals on all their parts.

Make-A-Wish RevealMake A Wish Reveal at AM2016

This year’s show had a special car reveal for hardcore Mustang enthusiast and Make-A-Wish recipient Austin. A few weeks prior to the show, AmericanMuscle got the keys to Austin’s 2005 V6 and brought it into our shop to give a bumper-to-bumper makeover. Austin’s Mustang was fully modded with everything from RTR Tech 7 Wheels, Air Lift Performance Suspension, a cold air intake and tune, and it was even repainted in Ford’s Tuxedo Black.

By the end of the day, this year’s show raised $60,200 for Make-A-Wish, beating last year’s record of $55,000. Combined, that is enough money to grant 13 wishes for children in need.

This years was one of our most fun shows to date, drawing out a variety of polished and waxed Mustangs. We look forward to next year’s show and hope to see you there!

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