2006 GT

Customer Spotlight: Shane’s 2006 Mustang GT

When the S197 was released it offered a completely fresh, yet retro-inspired canvas for enthusiasts to customize and modify. For AM customer Shane, the fifth generation Mustang was the perfect way for him to infuse his personality into his ride. Modded inside and out, Shane’s 2006 Mustang GT takes menacing good looks and pairs them with intimidating performance. Featuring a good mix of styling and power mods, Shane’s Mustang sets the tone with its sleek appearance while backing up its bark with a healthy combination of parts. See Shane’s full mod list online at americanmuscle.com/menace


Raxiom Gen5 Tail Lights

Adding a modern take to the classic tri-bar tail lights, the Raxiom Gen5 Tails help to add some menacing styling to Shane’s Mustang. The smoked lenses paired with the state-of-the-art LED technology help to keep the appearance stealthy, yet fully functional and DOT legal.

SR Performance Black Strut Tower BraceFR-strutTower-001

Helping to reign in the handling and body roll on Shane’s ‘Stang is a SR Performance Black Strut Tower Brace. Crafted from aircraft grade 4130 chromoly steel, the SR Performance Black Strut Tower Brace eliminates that unwanted chassis flex and body roll during cornering, giving you more predictable and controllable handling.

RTR Charcoal Wheels

Playing off the body color of Shane’s ’06 GT, charcoal RTR Wheels work to tie the entire look of his Mustang together. With a concaved 14-spoke design, the charcoal RTR wheels bring an aggressive look while not distracting the eye from the rest of the styling of this Mustang.

Ford Racing High Performance Intake ManifoldFR-IntakeManifold-001

Helping Shane’s S197 to breathe deeper and more efficiently is a Ford Racing High
Performance Intake Manifold. Pressure tested up to 20+ PSI, the Ford Performance
High Performance Intake Manifold is perfect for forced induction as well as naturally aspirated builds thanks to high-flow runners and an open plenum design.


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