Mustang with louvers

’05-’09 Mustang Mods You Can Install In A Weekend

While enthusiasts like ourselves constantly strive to make our next modification, it can be difficult depending on the size of the project.

More often than not, the mods we want to make require more time than we have to offer. However, that does not mean all hope is lost; there are quite a few parts that you can install on your Mustang that can be done in a weekend that will make a big difference on your build. Below, we’ve compiled some of our favorite weekend installs that will make themselves worth your time.

MMD ABS Rear Window Louvers

Adding that sleek retro look to your Mustang can be simple with MMD’s no-drill install ABS Rear Window Louvers. Constructed from super durable, high-strength automotive grade ABS material and completed with a paintable textured black finish, the MMD ABS Rear Window Louvers harken back to the original days of the BOSS Mustang and cruising on the boulevard. If you want to change the look and attitude of your Mustang without being too flashy, then a set of rear window louvers can get the job done all by themselves.

MMD ABS Rear Window Louvers

Bama X4/SF4
Power Flash Tuner w/ 2 Custom Tunes

There is no other quicker or easier way to add power and performance to your Mustang than with a custom tuner and tune. While the Mustang comes from the factory with enough power to toast the tires, a custom tuner and tune will bring out that raw power that was left on the table, or if you are already modded, a tuner ties your custom blend of mods together, allowing the entire system to perform more efficiently and smoothly. With a tune that is designed specifically for you, the Bama X4/SF4 Tuner will give you a flatter and stronger power curve that is smooth throughout the power band and doesn’t bog down low.

Power Flash Tuner w/ 2 Custom Tunes

SR PerformanceSR-performance-struttower-001

Black Strut Tower Brace

The Mustang’s handling has come a long way from the first generation of pony cars, but it still feels somewhat numb from the factory. If you are looking to refine the feeling of your Mustang’s turning and handling, then SR Performance’s Strut Tower Brace is exactly what the doctor ordered. Providing dramatically improved stiffness in the front of the car while simultaneously adding a feeling of connectivity between the front and the rear, the SR Performance Strut Tower Brace will help you nail those long sweeping turns as well as the quick, technical stuff.

SR Performance Black Strut Tower Brace

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