Exterior Styling Breakdown For 2011-2014 Mustangs

When you are a Mustang owner and enthusiast, you can’t help but to check out every Mustang you see on the road or in parking lots — it becomes an ingrained reaction. However, every so often that one ‘Stang comes along that really leaves a lasting impression; something about the look, the stance, and even the presence have you busting out a camera phone to snap a picture.

With somewhere in the neighborhood of 80,000 Mustangs being produced per year, it can be a challenge to stand out from the rest of the herd. Luckily for you, you own one of the most easily customizable cars on the planet that is capable of being upgraded, modified, and personalized however you’d like — the only question you have to ask yourself is what direction do you want to go with it?

Taking the solid foundation Ford provided enthusiasts with the ’10-’14 Mustang, it is easy to take your pony from stock to styling with only a handful of modifications. Few other vehicles can be completely transformed by handful of parts like the Mustang can, let alone the fact that there is a wide variety of choices allowing you to get the perfect look you want.

To help get you started on your path to personalization, we went ahead and put together a mix of some of our hottest, newest, and most sought after parts to give you an idea just how easy it is to completely alter the look of your Mustang.

MMD Carbon Fiber Ducktail Spoiler


A hallmark of the Mustang’s appearance is an aggressive spoiler. Take things to the next level with MMD’s Carbon Fiber Ducktail Spoiler. An ease to install, MMD’s Ducktail Spoiler will give you a unique, yet classic look that any enthusiast will love!

MMD Carbon Fiber Side Scoops


Continuing the carbon fiber theme, MMD’s newest side scoops integrate the carbon fiber look to the side profile of your Mustang. With an install that can be done in under an hour, these side scoops are the perfect mod to stand out!

Charcoal 2013 Style GT500 Wheels


One of the first mods many Mustang owners make is swapping out the stock wheels. A set of Charcoal 2013 Style GT500 wheels will help fill out your wheel well and give your Mustang that aggressive race-inspired look you’ve been looking for.

MMD Carbon Fiber Headlight Splitter


Continuing the lines of the MMD by Foose grille are MMD’s carbon fiber Headlight Splitters. Helping to give the front fascia of your Mustang a more uniform look, these carbon fiber headlight splitters are the missing part of your build!

MMD Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop


The MMD team is constantly looking for new ways to innovate the styling options for enthusiasts, and their new Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop is a perfect example of that. Lightweight and stylish, this hood scoop will grab everyone’s attention!

MMD by FOOSE Black Billet Upper Replacement Grille


The MMD by Foose Billet Upper Grille is a great way to clean up the front fascia of your Mustang, giving you a sleek and intimidating look. With a quick and easy install, the MMD by Foose Upper Grille is a great way to transform your Mustang’s appearance in no time at all!

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