2017 F-150 SVT Raptor

Video: Checkout the Suspension on the 2017 Raptor

The 2017 Raptor is poised to be the most bonkers production off-road-ready pickup truck you can buy and this video of its suspension in action shows why. Aside from the incredible 3.5L TT V6 engine it has under the hood, the suspension on the ’17 Raptor is insanely good, making it one of the highlights of the vehicle.

The Parts That Make It Great

FOX Shocks have been standard issue equipment on the Raptor since it first rolled off of the assembly line. However, the 2017 model is getting an updated version of the already potent F-150 suspension setup.

The 2017 Raptor is using the new 3.0 inch Fox Shocks that have a base valve piston that enables lower gas pressure, making for a smother ride on the road. They also feature and internal bypass in the front and rear that has nine defined zones that progressively manage shock force that allows the truck to travel over smooth pavement or harsh off-road terrain with ease.

Even more interesting is that the final zones work as a hydraulic bump stop, sending fluid through the top of the piston while the shock is fully compressed, preventing the truck from bottoming out. In layman’s terms, you basically get to explore every inch of suspension travel the 2017 Raptor has to offer without bottoming it out. Sign me up.

Raptor Suspension Travel: More is Better

One of the craziest spec on the 2017 SVT Raptor is how much suspension travel it has to offer. Right 2017 Ford Raptor SVT Off Roadingout of the factory, you have 13″ of travel in the front and 13.9″ in the rear. Somehow, Ford managed to squeak out another 2″ of suspension travel over the last-gen Raptor, which had an already impressive 11.2″ of travel in the front and 12″ in the rear.

If you aren’t absolutely blown away by the fact you can buy a truck that has 13″ of suspension travel and the parts to back it up, powered by 3.5L TT V6 making 450 HP and drive it off the showroom floor with a warranty for less than $80k, then you need to check and make sure you still have a pulse.

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