2013 V6 Mustang

Customer Spotlight Michael’s 2013 Mustang V6

If you spend your fair share of time on Instagram, it’s likely that you’ve seen Michael Seminerio’s glossy yellow 2013 Mustang V6 under the handle Mustang_Mikey. Flooded with photos of his highly modified Mustang, Michael’s Instagram profile has gained almost 13,000 followers. Even if you’re not much of an Instagrammer, you may recognize
this bright beast from the 2015 AmericanMuscle calendar.

Pre-Pony Days

Before his pony days, Michael was rolling around in his grandmother’s Corolla and, later on, a Civic that he shared with his brother. Once he was settled into a steady job at the age of 20, he decided to cure his boredom by toying with the idea of a new Mustang. After just a week, he realized that owning a Mustang was a realistic possibility and went out and bought a bone stock 2013 V6 Mustang in Sterling Gray.

It wasn’t long after owning the car that Michael won a makeover sweepstakes where he made the 10 hour drive from his home in New Jersey to the Ford Motor Company headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. He handed over the keys and let the guys transform his car with plenty of RTR parts including the front chin spoiler, rear spoiler, license plate surround, diffuser, and two 19-inch wheels. Michael paid for the other two wheels and tires as part of the deal. After the car got its makeover from bone stock to full of cosmetic upgrades, Michael then added the RTR stripes without the badges. That is, before he decided on going yellow.

Michael’s luck continued after he won yet another contest with Designer Wraps for another big Yellow-Mustang-002cosmetic transformation. “I actually won the wrap from Designer Wraps in Millville, NJ. They were having a giveaway at their booth at the Philadelphia Auto Show. I couldn’t believe they called me to tell me that I had won,” Michael said.

When many people think of wraps, they think of exotic colors, a color that one might not expect. But of all of the colors he could choose for the new wrap, Michael chose yellow. He has always been a fan of the black and yellow theme, and it’s not a color that was available on the 2013 Mustang models, only the Boss 302, which has
more of a yellow-orange hue with its
School Bus Yellow paint.

Adding Some Mod’s

On top of the upgrades from the sweepstakes, Michael installed a Boss 302 rear diffuser with the body-colored RTR 3-piece splitter. The front end was converted to Shelby GT500 with a BMC Extreme Customs Supercharger Mongoose hood, Roush side splitters, MMD classic quarter window louvers, AM painted mirror covers, Boss Style Stripes, a UPR fuel door, and inside sports a yellow-painted interior dashboard. Get caught behind him in traffic and read the awesomely appropriate MUR1CA vanity plate.

In regards to performance and handling, Michael installed Koni Orange shocks
and struts, BMR lowering springs (1.25” front drop and 1.5” rear drop), J&M Adjustable Caster Camber Plates, BMR Adjustable Panhard Bar, and Ford Racing Sport exhaust.

“Like myself, and I’m sure every other Mustang owner, the mods really never stop. It really is an addiction, and American Muscle really does a great job feeding into my addiction,” Michael says.

He says he doesn’t race his car, but is more of a car show or a just cruising around kind of guy. Detailing the car and getting it ready for a show is more his style than flying down the quarter-mile. He especially enjoys the reaction that the car gets from little kids.

“Everytime I see a kid drop his jaw when they look at my car, it really is a full circle for me. I remember being that kid wanting that beautiful Mustang, and to be the guy driving it this time is absolutely priceless.”

He also admits that he hears that he should have bought a V8 every single day. “I’m that guy that has a V6 and am pretty much happy with it,” Michael tells us. “To me 305 horsepower is more than enough for my daily commute.”

The Shock Factor


Michael’s goal for the car is the shock factor. Not many people expect somebody to go mod crazy on a V6, and the car fools almost everyone when it comes to the number of cylinders.

Michael has owned the car for three years and has accumulated over 65,000 miles as it serves daily driver duties. “I’m not one that has a nice car just to keep in a garage all the time,” he says. “I want to enjoy my car to the fullest without worrying about resale value.”

Also an avid photographer, Michael’s creative side really shows through his car. He gets bored, changes his mind a lot, and puts his own twist on things without trying to go too crazy. In the future, Michael hopes to add an Airlift suspension, a new wrap, a new set of wheels, and another exhaust setup. He likes the idea of being able to adjust the ride height easily, especially as a lowered daily driver that tends to scrape. Also, he believes it is more visually appealing when the car is closer
to the ground.

Now with the new S550 Mustang models out, Michael is torn between keeping the car he’s put so much into, or pulling the trigger on that new 5.0L Mustang. Another option may be to add a stock 2017 GT to the collection and start giving it the Mustang Mikey touch. Also, modernizing a classic is on the bucket list. “The RTR-X is a beast and I’d love to create something like that one day,”
Mike says.

“My car is really my canvas. Each and every day I’m thinking about what I can change or do next to it.”

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