2017 Production Ford Raptor

Spied: Production Version of the 2017 Raptor Spotted

What appears to be the production version of the 2017 Ford SVT Raptor was spied driving around on the road with no camo and a bunch of badging Spotted by TFLTruck.com, the 2017 Raptor was out in Colorado, completely void of any camo, however, it did have some markings on it that did raise a few questions.

Suspicious Markings = Later Release Date?

On the rear window of the truck, there was a “2017.5 TT” sticker that no one can quite figure out. One 2017.5 TT Ford Raptor Stickerwould assume “2017” is calling out the model year, but the “.5” that follows raises the question if this is going to be a mid-year release, essentially pushing back the release date. It may only be a testing label, but it is still questionable. It hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, but production of the new 2017 Raptor was rumored to begin this month.

It is interesting that the TT is also included in that, leaving enthusiasts to wonder if the “TT” stands for  twin turbo (which the new Raptor is) or if it is some cryptic identifier for Ford.

Tail Light Revision

Based of the pictures captured by TFLTrucks.com, it looks like the F-150 Raptor’s Tail Lights received 2017 Raptor Tail Lightssome slight revisions since we’ve last seen them. The tail lights use a new design that integrates a vertical, elongated LED blinker; not a bad look for the next-gen Raptor. Unlike the Chinese Raptor that was spotted in Michigan a  few months ago, the American version of the Raptor uses LED style headlights and tail lights for a menacing look.

What are your thoughts on the markings and lights on this Raptor? Do they speak to design changes and possible production delays or are we getting our first glimpse of a 2017 Raptor running on the street?

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