2017 Raptor Baja Desert Racing

Video: A Look At The 2017 Raptor’s 6 Terrain Modes

In the latest video released from Ford, we get an overview of the 2017 Raptor’s six new drive modes that are designed to conquer any terrain! Eric Zinkosky, Ford Performance’s Vehicle Dynamics/Suspension Technical Specialist gives us the rundown on what to expect from each of the different terrain settings on the next-gen Raptor.

Picking the Right Drive Mode

The ’17 Raptor can cycle through its various drive modes with the press of a button. Using mode selection right on the steering wheel, you can cycle through Normal, Sport, Weather, Mud/Sand, Rock Crawl, and Baja.

What Each Mode Offers

Each terrain mode offers a varied set of parameters, specifically tailored to best take on the type of terrain designated in the name.

Normal Mode: Normal mode is the base setting for the new Raptor, allowing it to behave like a normal, civilized F-150, keeping things pretty tame overall. If you’re like us, this will probably be the least used mode on your Raptor, but ultimately will be the best for your fuel mileage as it will efficiently use every gear of the 10-speed transmission.

Sport Mode: Sport mode makes the steering heavier giving you more precise vehicle control, while also increasing throttle response along with a quicker shift pattern. Allowing you to rev out each gear longer, providing you full power throughout, Sport mode will make the most of that twin turbo 3.5L EcoBoost V6, getting you off the line and ripping down the road. Assuming this is what Ben Collins a.k.a the Stig used when driving the Raptor at Goodwood.

Weather Mode: Weather mode is the ideal choice for whether it is raining or snowing, as it automatically engages the auto 4×4. Dialing in the AdvanceTrac, the shift schedule and throttle response are reined in to help you optimize your grip, working to avoid spinning out on a slick surface.

Mud/Sand Mode: Engaging the Raptor’s 4×4 high gear and the electronic locking differential, Mud/Sand mode works to stop you from bogging down and getting stuck. AdvanceTrac is setup to help you avoid getting your truck buried in the thick/loose terrain, while the power steering is cranked up to assist you plow through the uncertain ground.

Rock Crawl Mode: Putting your Raptor in 4×4 Low, the differential gets locked while AdvanceTrac gets2017 Raptor Terrain Modes numbed as to not get in your way as your tires spin going from rock to rock. The throttle and the shift schedule are tweaked as well to give you an optimal power range to traverse through the obstacles ahead, which you can see easier thanks to the front facing camera working up to 15 mph while in Rock Crawl mode.

Baja Mode: Baja mode is setup for “high speed desert running” according a to a Ford press release, and it will give you a more aggressive throttle response and traction control settings that aim to provide, “more liner power and improved engine response.” Quicker shifts that hold gears longer will make sure you are never in need of power while in Baja mode.

It goes without saying, that the new Raptor is setup to be a fun-haver that just about anyone can climb behind the wheel of and feel confident while thrashing on it. All of these terrain modes really put the Raptor’s new tires to the test, throwing a wide mix of different terrains and obstacles at them that they can conquer with seemingly little effort. I want one.

What are your thoughts on the 2017 Raptor’s various terrain preset modes? Which one do you think you would use the most? Comment below and let us know!


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