KIng Edition 2017 Mustang made by Petty's Garage

Rich Petty and Ford Combine Forces For “King Edition” 2017 Mustang

Petty’s Garage and Ford Motor Company have come together once again for another run of specialty Mustangs, with their end product being a 2017 “King Edition” Mustang GT. Originally reported on by, this is the third year that Petty’s Garage and Ford have teamed up to build a  specialty Mustang, with the 2017 build being the largest one yet, offering 4 different power packages.

The King Edition GT

The 2017 King Edition Mustang GT will be limited to 500 models, with a super exclusive offering of 43 models that use a silver paint scheme to celebrate the King himself, Richard Petty. Petty’s Garage will be the exclusive builder of these Mustangs, offering both naturally-aspirated and supercharged models.

The Premier model will produce up to 825 HP, but if that is too much power for you there will also be a 670 HP version as well. All models will be offered with an optional warranty, with the 825 HP Premier Mustang using a third-party powertrain warranty; 670 HP seems to be the limit for a Ford warranty.

“We couldn’t be more excited to continue our relationship with Ford Motor Company and announce our builds of the 2017 Mustang,” said Russ Stellfox, Chief Executive Officer, Petty’s Garage. “These vehicles will carry a special meaning with a scheme that will honor Richard Petty and his 80th birthday in 2017. The silver design is the same as the 25th anniversary scheme that the famous No. 43 raced in 1996. We’re honored to offer this to our fans and customers and believe that these machines will be in high demand.”

The King EcoBoost

Petty’s Garage and Ford will also offer a 2017 King EcoBoost model that will feature a race spoiler, signature center exhaust setup, and will be “the most radical EcoBoost available for purchase from your local Ford Dealer.”

Price of Richard Petty King Edition Mustang

While full pricing hasn’t been released yet, the naturally-aspirated version of the King Edition will start as low as $35,000– a steal for a Mustang this sick. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these Mustangs as they make their way onto dealership lot throughout the United States.

What are your thoughts on this specialty model? Is it a ride fit for a king, or is more of a jester?

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