2017 Raptor at Goodwood FOS driven by the Stig

Watch “The Stig” Hoon a 2017 Ford Raptor at Goodwood

This past weekend was the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and Top Gear’s former Stig was wheeling a new 2017 Raptor up the course, complete with some donuts! Ben Collins, the former Stig and benchmark driver for the BBC’s Top Gear, put on a show for all of those in attendance by spinning wheels, kicking up grass and dirt, and even sliding a new 2017 SVT Raptor up the hillclimb course.

After his inital run, Ben Collins hopped behind the wheel for another spin in the Raptor, but this time in the wet, allowing for a some donuts early on in the course.

It seems the former Top Gear driver seems to enjoy ripping on the latest and greatest SVT Ford vehicles, considering that last year he put on quite the performance while behind the wheel of a 2015 Shelby GT350R.

It is interesting to hear the spooling sound of the turbos coming from the new Raptor, along with the 3.5L V6’s EcoBoost exhaust note as it rips up the course, quite a departure from the outgoing Raptor’s 6.2L and 5.4L V8. However, it sounds just as aggressive, but more importantly, it has all the performance to back it up.

I think next time, I’d like to see Ben Collins thrashing the new Raptor on a proper off-road stage, allowing the Raptor to truly shine in its element.

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