Justin Pawlak in a 2016 Mustang GT Drifting

Video: Watch Justin Pawlak Drift his 2016 Mustang at Road Atlanta

Professional Drifter Justin Pawlak just dropped his new, Grand Theft Auto themed video, showcasing his S550 Mustang destroying the competition at Forumla D Road Atlanta. While Justin has used a Mustang as his competition car for years in Forumla D, this is his first year using the S550 Chassis-and as the video shows, he is absolutely killing it!

Pawlak’s Mustang uses a Roush/Yates engine sporting a Roush Supercharger packing just under 1,000 HP and 831 lb-ft TQ. While Justin Pawlak is a consistent top 10 finisher in Formula D, he faced some struggles in Atlanta, getting knocked out early on in the event; Vaughn Gittin Jr. took the top spot on the podium in Atlanta with his S550 Roush/Yates powered Mustang.


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