A test mule of the Chinese 2017 Raptor

Spied! 2017 Chinese Raptor Spotted in the Wild

A F-150 enthusiast and forum user in Michigan spotted a Chinese version of the 2017 Raptor, showing some design deviations. Featuring a different grille and headlights, the foreign version of the new Raptor keeps the main design details while reworking a few of the lines and looks.

A Chinese 2017 Raptor?

For those of you unaware, Ford announced plans to export the off-road ready pickup truck to China for 2017. Popular in China’s “gray market” where enthusiasts buy vehicles not offered in the country for triple and quadruple the original price, the 2017 Raptor will be the F-150’s first foray into the Chinese market. Making the announcement ahead of the Beijing Autoshow, the Raptor will be the only Ford truck available in China– that’s right, you won’t be able to buy a 2017 F-150, only the 2017 Raptor.

Design Changes for the Chinese 2017 Ford Raptor

While the actual mechanics of the 2017 Raptor won’t be augmented from what you would find in an American version of the truck, there will be some exterior design changes to look out for. From the photo that was posted on F150forum.com, the foreign version of the new Raptor loses the corner marker lights and the LED headlights, for what appears to be projector style headlights. The other noticeable change was to the front grille, featuring what appears to be a more built-out design.

It is worth noting though that this is a test mule and there is more to likely change (possibly the wheels and bumpers) but regardless, this still gives a good preview of the new international version of the Raptor. Taking past trends into consideration, it is safe to assume that North American Raptors will be spotted sporting foreign upgrades from their stock Chinese counter-parts.

Cost of a Chinese Raptor

While there has been no definitive pricing release for either domestic or foreign Raptors, we can figure out the ballpark it’ll be in. In the United States, the Ford Mustang starts at $26,345 while it starts at 399,800 yuan in China (about $61,500 in USD). With the new Raptor expected to come in at around $50,000 to start in America, one can only assume that in China it will be upwards of $90,000 USD, considering it faces additional (and expensive) import taxes.


    1. Yeah, like they weren’t already gleaning that from Gray-market imports. At least Ford makes the upfront money because they can sell directly to Chinese consumers as opposed to importers jacking up prices as pure profit.


  1. the price is gonna be insane. btw, Raptor is considered as truck that someone needs a B1 licence which normally people hold C1 licence instead. And for the taxation, adding 60% for most of the import vehicles, but trucks are cheaper I think. As far as I think the Raptor in China can be about $65000. Still the price is unacceptable.


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