2014 Mustang GT Modified Exterior

Pre-Painted Perfection

Upgrading your Mustang’s exterior can be as simple as clicking a button and following body lines. Our pre-painted parts selection makes altering your pony’s style easy and with quite a few less headaches. Remember MMD’s 2014 Project? The side scoops, quarter window covers, the headlight splitters, spoiler, hood scoop, mirrors, and the tail light trim all came out of AmericanMuscle’s paint booth. All of the parts are made out of ABS plastic and come with strips of 3M tape.

From Our Door to YoursPre-painted Mustang Parts

When you hop into the exterior parts and and accessories tab on AmericanMuscle.com, there’s a section dedicated to our available pre-painted parts. Each part has a drop down menu so you can pick your year and specific color code. The preview photo changes color as well so you can see how the part you’re interested in looks on your Mustang.

Once the purchase is complete, the order gets picked up at the warehouse, and the parts are sent to the onsite paint booth. The paint techs input your paint code into a special scale, and the scale spits out the exact formula needed to mix your color. The techs use the same water-based paint Ford does as well as the same urethane clear coat, so you can be sure it’ll be a perfect match for your Mustang. As an added bonus, a majority of the parts come with same day shipping.

Hood Scoops

A hood scoop is one way to add the classic muscle look to your Mustang. A honeycomb screen insert is included to further complement the front end. If you own one of the 2013-2014 Mustangs with hood vents MMD has a scoop that fits perfectly between the vents, so you don’t have to fret about ruining your already aggressive look with an
off-kilter scoop.

Side ScoopsMustang Side Scoops

A side scoop can easily work in tandem with quarter window louvers or covers to bring out your Mustang’s rear end. Placed right behind the doors, side scoops give your Mustang an aggressive side profile. There are two styles available: one with a honeycomb screen like the hood scoops, or the MMD scoop without the screen.

Quarter Window Louvers/Covers

Your Mustang’s quarter windows are a small but striking detail, especially after you decide to spruce them up. A set of louvers will provide a subtle, but aggressive look to your side profile. A simple set of streamlined covers like MMD’s GT350 style covers provide a clean and sleek look. Either choice will also help to prevent the sun from doing a number on your interior. To further streamline your pony, consider a blackout decal to put under the covers so the undersides aren’t visible to your passengers.

Fender VentsMustang Fender Vents

After a set of window louvers/covers and side scoops your Mustang’s side profile might want something more. Something closer to the front tires. That’s where a set of fender vents comes into play. Fender vents are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They
fit within the side lines of the S197s and allow hot air to escape the engine bay with the heat extractors. Like the rear side scoops there are two styles, vertical or horizontal vents. The horizontal vents can work well if you have rocker stripe decals. The MMD fender vents with vertical vents complement a variety of rear side scoops and the natural curves of your tires.

SpoilersMustang Rear Spoiler

A quality spoiler can bring together a collection of exterior mods. Whether you go with the classic ducktail style such as the one from MMD or maybe a GT350 inspired piece, you can change the entire look of your Mustang with such a spoiler. If you’re looking for a subtle change a low profile spoiler will do the job. A spoiler that sits off your trunk will give you a more aggressive stance, and the classic ducktail serves as a great in-between.

Tail Light Trim

Last but not least is tail light trim. There’s the matte black and chrome types, but nothing gives your Mustang a clean, finished look like color matched trim. The stock tail lights are well-designed of course, however the bezels break up the red lenses in just the right way to provide a flair of retro styling to your Mustang’s back end. All you have to do is look to MMD’s 2014 Project to see how well the bezels work on the newer Mustangs.

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