Mustang Mods You Can Install in Under 1 Hour

Justin Dugan wrenching on a 2015 Mustang GT

Regardless of why you bought your Mustang and whether you have already modded it or left it bone stock, everyone can appreciate easy-to-install mods that can be done in the blink of an eye. Modding your Mustang doesn’t have to be an all-day event to be enjoyable or rewarding. To help you get started, we have compiled three mods anyone can install in less than an hour that will make a big difference to the performance, appearance, and handling of your Mustang. Happy Modding!

C&L Cold Air Intake with 95MM MAFC&L Cold Air Intake with 95MM MAF for Mustangs

Whether you own a 2005 V6 or a 2014 GT, there is still power left untapped, hiding in your engine. The easiest way to unleash into this power is by adding a cold air intake (CAI) to improve your engine’s breathing. C&L’s line of cold air intakes are rigorously tested and constructed from the highest-quality parts, giving enthusiasts easy-to-install power that will completely transform the feel of your Mustang. When paired with a tune, C&L’s line of intakes will give your Mustang improved power, a less delayed throttle response and greater gas mileage, making this an unbeatable mod for the money!

SR Performance Strut Tower BraceSR Performance Mustang Strut Tower Brace

Tighten up the feel and handling of your Mustang with SR Performance’s Strut Tower Brace. Easily bolted into your Mustang’s strut towers, this SR Performance Brace will give added stiffness to your front end, reducing chassis flex. With this strut tower brace you will be carving up corners in no time; as an added bonus, it will also spruce up your engine bay for when you have your hood popped at a car show!

Modern Billet Chrome Underhood Dress-up KitModern Billet Underhood Dressup For Mustang

While everyone focuses on washing, waxing, and prepping the outside of their Mustang for car shows, often the engine bay is either neglected or an afterthought when it comes to cleaning things up. Give your engine bay a fresh and polished look with Modern Billet’s Chrome Underhood Dress-up Kit. Constructed from high-quality billet aluminum, this Modern Billet Dress-up Kit will have everyone at the next car show gawking at your immaculate engine bay!

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