Hot Lap: First Drive of the 2015 Shelby GT, 2017 Mustang News, & More!

2015 Shelby GT side shot

On this month’s Hot Lap, Justin takes the brand new 2015 Shelby GT for a test drive, we get some new news on the future of the Mustang, and a glimpse at some awesome products! Hot Lap is AmericanMuscle’s monthly video capturing the hottest news in the Mustang World, spanning many Mustang generations and communities. We cover everything from the sickest Mustangs around, new parts that we carry, parts we are giving away, news from Ford, and everything in between.

The 2015 Shelby GT

Justin was handed the keys to one of the latest offerings from Shelby American, the all new 2015 Shelby GT. Not to be confused with the Shelby GT350 or the Shelby Super Snake, the Shelby GT takes a stock S550 Mustang GT and adds on a mix of appearance and performance mods that would appear on any enthusiast’s wish list. With an aggressive carbon fiber hood, large Shelby Mustang Wheels, big brakes, and a supercharger sitting on top of the engine producing 627 HP, this Shelby turns heads and destroys tires.

The Future of the S550 – 2017 Mustang Redesign

Even though 2016 Mustang’s aren’t even on dealership lots yet, there is already news and speculation around a model refresh. Early rumors and insider information have pointed towards a remodeled front end coming in 2017, which has many critics of the new body style rejoicing. There’s also serious speculation at the return of the Mach 1 in 2017 with the possibility of a new S550 GT500 for the 2017 model year. While it is still too soon to say anything concrete, it is safe to say that 2017 will be a big year for America’s favorite pony car.

New Mustang Parts

This month’s Hot Lap finishes up with a look at the latest offering from Exedy. A leader in aftermarket Mustang clutches, Exedy has continually provided the highest quality of parts to enthusiasts, and their newest offerings are better than ever. Featuring a grooved pressure plate that allows for improved holding power, the Exedy Grooved Mach 500 Stage 3 Clutch and the Exedy Grooved Mach 600 Stage 4 Clutch are perfect for any build.


Be sure to check back for next month’s Hot Lap, but in the mean time, check out this month’s sale items by clicking here!

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