Ask A Mustang Expert: 2015 Mustang Edition

2015 Mustang GT Aftermarket Parts

AmericanMuscle is comprised of hardcore Mustang fanatics who own, drive, race, and modify their Mustangs all day long, year-round; Mustangs are more than just a car or a hobby to us, they are a passion. Whatever problem you may have run into or part you are just unsure of, we have either encountered it ourselves or run the part on our own Mustang. This column will serve as a knowledge base for whatever you may need more insight on that is Mustang related.

For our first round of expert advice in this issue we grabbed questions that were asked in the comment section of our YouTube videos. If you would like to have your question answered by one of our knowledgeable experts, leave a comment on our monthly Hot Lap video.

RTR Mustang Parts

Question: When are the 2015 RTR parts coming out for sale? That grille and splitter combo make the car look real nice and gets rid of that globalized modern Ford Look. – CreedFord Mustang RTR Wheels

Answer: Creed – That’s a good question and we should be seeing many parts from RTR along with MMD on our shelves and ready to ship early fall! We’re really anxious to see these parts make their way onto some S550’s—really in love with how collection looks.  We’re in the process of bringing on many other exterior parts as well but if there’s ever something that you’re seeing out there that you think we should be carrying let us know! We rely heavily on our customer’s feedback to ensure that we’re carrying the right parts!  – AM Expert Alex

Tune Needed For Mustang Catback Exhaust?

Question:  I have the 2015 Mustang GT premium with Track Pack. If I get a catback exhaust will it require a tune? I would like to get a supercharger eventually and do the tune then, Mustang Tuning Device - Bama X4/SF4but if I need a tune now Bama is the right way to go since you can tune a car whenever you want. – Mitchell

Answer: Mitchell – Great question and any Catback or Axleback exhaust system for the 2015 GT will not require a Bama Tune. Now if you’re going to have a set of off-road Long Tube headers installed you would need a tune as the catalytic converters would be removed. Down the road if you’re looking into any of the Bama Performance Supercharger Packages they’ll be able to get you set up with tunes! – AM Expert Zach

Lowering Springs Lowering Ride Quality?

Question:  Is it really possible to lower the car AND retain good ride quality? – JoeVogtland Mustang Lowering Springs

Answer: Joe – Absolutely! Considering the car is brand new your factory shocks and struts will be able to accommodate the lowered ride height comfortably. Most if not all of the springs that we offer Vogtland, Eibach, etc will only drop the car so much so that you may not even need an alignment but I would suggest letting any spring settle for a hundred miles or so and then getting a good alignment. Most people won’t even be able to tell that the car is on a different setup from a ride quality standpoint. Down the road if you’re looking to further improve the handling a set of struts and shocks would complement the ride nicely. – AM Expert Justin Dugan

Getting the Right Wheels For Your Mustang

Question: Should I go with a 19” or 20” wheel and why? – John

Answer: At the end of the day it’s going to come down to personal preference. 19” wheels will inherently weigh somewhat less than a 20” wheel but they won’t fill the wheel well up as nicely. Going with a larger wheel as well canThe All-new Shelby GT350 Mustang affect the overall ride quality so if you’re planning on lowering the car in the future either can be used but I would suggest a 19” wheel based on the look, feel, and as well as the price of tires when you need to have the rears replaced! – AM Expert Andrew

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