Ask A Mustang Expert: Answering Your ‘Stang Related Questions

1999-2004 Mach 1 Mustang Rolling shot

AmericanMuscle is comprised of hardcore Mustang fanatics who own, drive, race, and modify their Mustangs all day long, year-round; Mustangs are more than just a car or a hobby to us, they are a passion. Whatever problem you may have run into or part you are just unsure of, we have either encountered it ourselves or run the part on our own Mustang. This column will serve as a knowledge base for whatever you may need more insight on that is Mustang related.

For our first round of expert advice in this issue we grabbed questions that were asked in the comment section of our YouTube videos. If you would like to have your question answered by one of our knowledgeable experts, leave a comment on our monthly Hot Lap video.

Hitting Your Horsepower

Question: I have a 2010 GT with the following mods (Airaid CAI, Headers, Catted X-Pipe, Borla Axle Back, and Bama Tuner) and my goal is 400 rwhp. What would I need to get there? – JonSupercharged S197 Mustang Engine Bay

Answer: Jon – That’s a really tough one and if you’re dead set on this number then you’re going to have to look into a Supercharger to break the 400 rwhp mark.  Even with the mods on your car if you were to go (Long Tubes with an O/R Mid) and throw a set of Ford Racing Hot Rod Cams in there you would still be putting around 330-340 to the rear tire. While it sounds “down” this is still a boat load of fun to have on the street and the track and would definitely wake the car up.  – AM Expert Alex

Headers That Make a Difference

Question: Will I feel a difference in power if I put the BBK Shorty Equal Length Headers on? – Eric

Answer: Eric – Definitely! The 5.0l has a lot of heart and there was a lot left on the table from the factory for this motor. The BBK Equal Length Headers will give you a lot of low end torque and a nice bump from the seat of Chrome BBK Mustang Headersyour pants because the back pressure is greater. If you were going to go with Long Tubes you would experience the opposite with a loss of back pressure where you would lose some down low but they would right higher in the RPM range! – AM Expert Zach

Powering Your Build

Question: I have been experiencing a misfire on my nitrous mach and am about to buy new cop’s. I don’t have the money for OEM so I’m wondering if I should go with msd, excel, and I seen that AmericanMuscle has some. Anyone have any recommendations (what would you recommend) on which ones are good and will last longer than a year? – Blake

Answer: Blake – Good question and I would suggest MSD’s – I’ve used them on a fairly built 2V and they lasted many years without any hiccups at all. One thing I would definitely suggest would be to make sure the wires at the coils are not twisted tightly around by the connector because I experienced a mild misfire with my ’01 and it fixed it right up! – AM Expert Justin Dugan

Exercising The Exhaust

Question: I have a 2002 Mustang GT with a Flowmaster American Thunder catback exhaust. I love it but it’s just too quiet for me. I love the sound of straight pipes but I’ve heard of people just take off their muffler and leave theNew Edge Mustang Revving cats on and it sounds amazing. If I took off my mufflers what kind of power would I be losing or gaining? – Noah

Answer: Noah – If you’re looking for something a little bit louder I wouldn’t suggest having it straight piped as the sound will get annoying very fast not only for yourself but anyone riding along with you! If you have your mufflers removed this would increase the sound but it won’t yield any performance gain. If you’re looking to get both I would suggest A stock length off road X-pipe like BBK’s which would attach right to your factory manifolds. This will get you the sound and the performance you’re after but you would need to make sure that you’re either running a Bama X4 Tune to have your O2 sensors disabled or you can purchase a set of MIL Eliminators. – AM Expert Alex


  1. My dad passed away and left me a ton of cars mostly mustang’s I have a 02 mustang Saleen how do I know if it’s supercharged?


  2. Ok so im new to the hole mustang history I have a 2009 Ford mustang but it’s a 45th anniversary people ask me is it a gt and I’m not sure what to say so I tell them it’s a anniversary and they go “what’s that” so I decided to look them up but no luck on information if someone could be please explain this to me so I won’t look stupid trying to explain to people what my car is 😂


  3. I wanted to know if race has is ok for my ecoboost mustang. I got NOS octane booster. Some say it damages spark plugs. Can you please let me know thank you.


  4. I’ve been on the market for a new set of mufflers. I’ve got a 2014 mustang v6 nothing special. I love the sound of the Shelby KR. Any after market mufflers that will provide that volume, tone quality and no drone for my car?


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