Racing, Burnouts, Revving, and Dyno Pulls at AM2015

Am2015 Jet Car Drag Racing

AM2015 was packed full of high octane activities, making it an incredibly memorable event; revving contest, drag racing, burnouts, and dyno pulls had every gearhead’s full attention. What kind of Mustang event would it be with out revving some engines and burning some rubber? All throughout the day, AM2015 was chock full of badass Mustangs doing badass displays of power and performance.

BBK Revving Contest

Many Mustangs have some sort of aftermarket exhaust system, seeing as how it is great place to start your modding adventure. With varying combinations of axlebacks, mid pipes and headers, it is difficult to find two exhaust systems that sound the same. Aftermarket leader, BBK, sponsored the revving contest, which took crowd applause and feedback to determine the winner.

Contestants ranged from Fox Body Mustangs to 2-valve New Edges and 3-valve S197’s to coyote powered cars. Contestants were given 1 minute to rev up their exhaust, flexing their pipes for the crowd. Ultimately, the winner of this year’s competition was a last minute entry in a New Edge who took the crown.

Roush Burnout Competition

When you own a Mustang, a rear wheel drive muscle car, doing burnouts just comes with the territory. There are few things that feel as liberating and freeing as roasting a set of tires, creating a monstrous cloud of thick and rich Chris Allen US Drift Turbo Mustangwhite smoke that wafts up in the air. No stranger to roasting a set of rubber, Roush Performance sponsored this years burnout competition.

Four contestants set out to leave their mark in the burnout box, figuratively and literally. Pro-Am Drifter Chris Allen and his turbo 3-valve Mustang put on quite the display, destroying a set of tires while his turbo stayed spooled up. In the end AM Customer Kyle O and his 2006 GT took home the trophy for the best burnout.

Bama Performance Dyno Challenge

If you have modded your Mustang’s engine at all, chances are you have thrown it onto the dyno to see what kind of power it is putting down. Bama Performance hosted a dyno challenge at AM2015, showcasing some high-horsepower monsters.

Boosted Mustang after boosted Mustang hit the dyno with power ranging from the 700 RWHP all the way up to the 1200 RWHP. These Mustangs were down right nasty with the brutal display of horsepower they put on. In the end. AM Customer Adam A and his Procharged Foxbody GT took home the award for the most powerful Mustang, with his car putting down a mind numbing 1161 RWHP.

Vogtland Exhibition Races

Despite what the Mustang may be marketed as or what it may be capable of, when you strip everything away you are left with a pure bred race car. No stranger to this ourselves, AmericanMuscle has built up quite a few of our Bama Performance GT500 and Terminator Drag Raceown race cars and so has Bama Performance. This year, Vogtland sponsored a series of exhibition races to highlight the power and performance of a modded Mustang.

The Bama Performance 2014 Shelby GT500 went head to head with the Bama 2003 Cobra featuring a one-off centrifigual setup. Ultimately, the Cobra bested the GT500 with a 10.8 against the GT500’s 11.1. The Bama 2015 Mustang GT made an appearance, going a blistering 9.4 @ 146 MPH down the 1320. The races were capped off a Jet Car going 5.8 @ 280 MPH, blowing everyone away.

There was a little something for everyone at these events, and in case you missed the fun and activities from this year’s show, be sure to join us for AM2016!

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