Customer Spotlight: Eric’s Supercharged 2013 GT

Supercharged 2013 Mustang GT

Eric’s 2013 GT grabs attention from its vibrant coloring alone, but the color is only part of what drew Eric to this Mustang. However, before the 2013 there was a 2007 black GT, and before that was his dad’s 1994 GT. A consistent list of high powered ponies. Eric’s dad generously let Eric drive the ’94 while in high school, instigating the creation of another Mustang enthusiast. Eventually the title changed hands to Eric himself, and two years later Eric forged his own Mustang path with the black ’07. With a heavy Mustang influence (especially the GTs) and a rare color, it’s no surprise Eric was drawn to this particular 2013 GT. However, finding it was another animal altogether.

Grabbing The Mustang

We all understand the grueling search that is hunting for an automotive unicorn, whether it’s a personal unicorn or a factory built vehicle. Of course when you finally find the elusive beast it’s in another state, dauntingly located hundreds of miles away. So do you fly out and grab it or let it go? Once again cue awesome dad. With dad in tow, Eric chose to fly out for his 2013 Grabber Blue GT. Eric says he “called the guy and two days later me and my dad flew up there and drove it back to California. Was definitely an awesome thing to do to get a car.”

Driving a used car back home is always worrisome; you never know what can go wrong no matter how new the car. Having a buddy go along with you makes it all the more rewarding and comforting, but in Eric’s case he had the2013 Mustang GT on bags ultimate tag-along. A fellow Mustang fan and a family member in one. To think, Eric almost missed his shot at his unicorn. Ford had discontinued the color when he was ready to buy.

Modding The Mustang

Eric’s first mod was a Vortech supercharger for more smiles per gallon, and for now he’s keeping the stock internals. A cold air intake frees up a bit more power, and for a unique sound Eric went with a set of Pypes long tube headers and a quad exhaust setup. The drilled and slotted rotors front and rear keep his pony’s power in check, letting it be the street machine and weekend cruiser Eric has built it to be. His Airlift Performance setup gives his GT further curb side appeal along with his Vossen wheels. The GT500 rear valance, Roush chin, side, and rear splitters put the finishing touches on Eric’s 2013.

Eric suggested a track day might be in the future, and so far his setup looks like a great platform to work from. In the meantime, Eric plans on attending more shows, indulging in the culture, and continuing his weekend cruises. So far he’s been to Fabulous Fords Forever and Ponies at the Pike, and he hopes to add Mustang Week to the list. Considering his previous ’94 and ’07 didn’t fall victim to the usual high school/college horrors stories that are all too popular, we can certainly expect Eric’s unicorn to hang in for the long haul.

Mod List

Vortech supercharger (w/ Maxflow race BOV)2013 Mustang GT on Air Suspension

Airlift performance air bag suspension

Pypes long tube headers

GT500 rear valance and quad exhaust

Roush chin splitter

Roush side splitter

Roush rear splitter

Stoptech front and rear drilled and slotted rotors

Vossen VFS2

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