Foxbody Fondness: Stephanie Wood’s Love of All Things Mustang

Stephanie Wood's Foxbody Mustang

You only need to speak with AmericanMuscle’s video co-host Stephanie Wood for a moment to understand just how passionate she is about her job and cars—which in this case is one in the same. While some people are described as “wearing their heart on their sleeve,” Stephanie wears her passion for cars on her sleeve, figuratively and literally; she is your traditional gearhead who enjoys wrenching on her cars, having a clean Foxbody, and of course, doing burnouts.

Over the past few years, Stephanie has become a prominent voice and face in AmericanMuscle’s videos, sharing her knowledge on products and insight on all things Mustang related. Stephanie has practically been a gearhead Profile 1and car girl since birth— constantly reading and learning about cars and how they work. However her love of Mustang’s didn’t come to be until she got her first when she was a teenager.

Finding the fox

For car enthusiasts, there will always be that one memorable moment when you bought the first car you really wanted to own—not the car you bought because it made sense at the time, but the one that you wanted because it would be fun. When Stephanie was driving down a back road in Pennsylvania, she happened to stumble upon just that car at 17.

Sitting in a field was a 1990 Foxbody for sale. “I had been looking for a car, but I really didn’t know what I wanted. I just wanted something cool that had a manual transmission,” Stephanie remarked. Granted, we may be a bit biased, but a manual Mustang is the epitome of cool. “I called up my mom and told her it was a Mustang, but I had never seen one like it before.”

Stall-out or Burnout?

Burnout. After speaking with the seller, an older gearhead/mechanic named George, Stephanie bought the Foxbody, but there was one small problem—she didn’t know how to drive manual. Luckily for Stephanie, George was willing to teach her how to drive a manual Mustang. “The first thing George told me was that I was going to either burnout or stall out my first time. Sure enough, I ended up doing a burnout my first time driving stick.”
From there on out, doing a burnout for the fun of it became an almost daily occurrence for Stephanie. “The second I knew what a burnout was,” Stephanie said, “I was doing it all the time. I just did burnouts everywhere.” Foxbody Engine BayNeedless to say, mastering one’s burnout skills can easily draw the attention of the police as Stephanie quickly found out. “I got into a lot of trouble with my Foxbody. Had a lot of fun, but also got in a lot of trouble with it.”

The previous owner of her Foxbody, George, didn’t just teach her how to drive manual or do a burnout, but he was also her first introduction into racing. With the guidance of a seasoned expert, Stephanie went from ripping smokey burnouts on the street to heating up her tires in the burnout box at the track and running down the quarter-mile. After making more than a few passes down the track her status as gearhead and car nut were forever solidified.

Stephanie’s Stable

Mustangs are similar to potato chips in the sense that you can never have just one. Over the course of her tenure as a licensed driver, Stephanie has owned 4 Mustangs to date and currently owns two Foxbodies (one of which is the same one she bought when she was only 17) along with a few other vehicles.

The ’90 Foxbody that was her first Mustang is more of her show car and has a 302 bored .30 over to make it a 306ci. It features a Vortech Supercharger, Forgestar Wheels, and a set of coil-overs to round out its show and go appearance and performance. The other Fox, a naturally aspirated ’91 with drag radials and a Z crate Ford Racing motor, is Stephanie’s race car.

Lights, Camera, Burnout

What many people do not realize about Stephanie is that her video hosting is only part of what she does at AmericanMuscle. When she isn’t in the limelight of the AmericanMuscle video studio, Stephanie works in the Merchandising Department, helping to deliver enthusiasts some of the best parts available.

Stephanie began her video hosting at AmericanMuscle somewhat by chance. During the very first Mustang Mayhem competition, Stephanie was on the side spectating the event when she was asked to go on camera and give her Stephanie Wood's Foxbody Mustangthoughts on the horsepower contest. “At first I was a bit camera shy and knew it was going to be a challenge for me,” Stephanie said. But it didn’t take her long to get over her initial camera shyness. “Now I love it! I really love the cars, I love talking about the parts, I love being on camera—it’s great!”

Stephanie’s passion and knowledge of cars as well as her love for the community that goes with it has helped her to excel on an off of the camera; it is something that is impossible to fake and even harder to hide.


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