Lowering Options For Your 2011-2014 Mustang

2014 Shelby GT500

Whether you have a daily driver, a track car, or a show car, lowering your Mustang is one of the best mods you can make and there are plenty of ways to go about doing it! Regardless of what you use your Mustang for, lowering it will improve the curb appeal and handling of it. Check out this list below to find the perfect suspension setup for your 2011-2014 Mustang!

Daily Driver

The biggest question in terms of a daily driven Mustang is how low can you afford to go? Public roads can be brutal to anyone running a stiff suspension, and adding speed bumps or other cringe worthy obstacles into the mix 2013 Mustang GT/CSwill make your daily commute a little bit more tricky. Owning a daily driver doesn’t mean you lose out in performance though. A set of progressive springs, such as Vogtland’s sport springs, are a great compromise between surviving the daily grind and sprucing up your Mustang’s feel. Progressive spring rates allow for a soft suspension during early travel, but a stiffer feel overall. The Vogtland springs also provide a 1.2 inch drop and are designed to work with the stock rims and tires, giving you that perfect look while parked. The drop is enough to give your Mustang a more aggressive look, but not enough to frustrate your commute. The other bonus to small drop is it doesn’t upset your Mustang’s geometry to point of warranting caster/camber plates. Granted, with any suspension change an alignment is always recommended. If you’re looking for a cost effective way to alter your Mustang’s attitude, a set of lowering springs will do the job.

Recommended Suspension Setup:

The Weekend Warrior

For many Mustang owners, their pony is a mix of daily driver/project car, seeing commuting during the week and autocross/track events on the weekend. When it comes to having a mixed purpose vehicle, the name of the gameweekend-warrior-mustang is adjustability. Like the daily driver build, too much of a drop may do more harm than good (unless you’re surrounded by flat roads). Utilizing the same set Vogtland springs will keep your Mustang well-mannered on public roads, but you’ll have the hidden cornering potential with the progressive spring rate. To make your pony into a weekend warrior add a complete set of adjustable Koni shocks and struts along with a set of the Maximum Motorsports’s caster/camber plates. Dialing in your suspension is a must for any autocross competitor. The Koni shocks and struts allow you to fine tune dampening and rebound so you can have stiff response during the weekend runs, or a smoother ride for your morning commute. The caster/camber plates will also help your Mustang manage tight corners with the option of dialing back for day to day driving. Where adjusting caster affects steering response, camber affects the tilt of your tires. Camber helps to keep as much tread on the ground as possible, and if you know the track you can optimize camber for an extra bit of grip. On public roads, however, make sure to reset your settings so as not to burn through tires.

Recommended Suspension Setup:

The Track ‘Stang

If you’re building your Mustang to be a track star, a one inch drop isn’t going to be enough. One of the main reasons for lowering your Mustang is to lower the center of gravity and reduce body roll. In terms of a track car the 2011 Mustang GTmore control you have over shifting weight, the faster you can take corners. An inch would help but since your ride won’t have to deal with the usual dangers of potholes and the like, you can afford the extra performance by going lower with a stiffer setup. One way to do this is going with a coil over kit, such as ST  Suspension’s Coil Over Kit. This kit features an adjustable ride height so you can drive around town, but you might feel the road more. Another benefit of getting an all-in-one kit is that all the parts are from one brand. This might not sound like much at first, but piecing together a suspension system yourself is not as easy as it sounds. Making sure all the components work together is a challenge in and of itself. Cutting out that hassle with a coil over system is a bonus plus the benefit of the shocks, springs, and bushings being pre-tuned to change each other.

Recommended Suspension Setup:

Air Suspension

An air suspension setup hybridizes all of the lowering options. Whether your Mustang is a daily driver, a track star, a dragster or a show pony, an air lift suspension can work for you. Better yet, you can bounce between a variety Project MMDof styles while running one setup. Kits like Air Lift’s Suspension Kit include a digital controller so you can adjust the height of each corner from the driver seat. Air Lift’s kit also allows you to drop your Mustang up to four inches or even lift it higher than stock height (hey, you never know, driveways can be murder). You can drop your Mustang to the ground for a show, and then dial up the numbers to drive home in comfort. Remember the progressive springs? Well they’re back except in the air variety. Air setups utilize progressive rates to make going back and forth from track to day-to-day driving even easier. What with this talk about electronics, installation may sound a bit daunting. In truth if you have a set of basic hand tools and can handle simple wiring, installing an Air Lift Kit is fairly straightforward.

Recommended Suspension Setup:

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