Customer Spotlight Jim’s 2015 Mustang GT Premium


Even though the 2015 Mustang is fresh out of the gate, enthusiasts like Jim are mapping out their next adventures with the S550 Mustang. Jim’s plans involve track miles on top of competing in local shows. So far he’s nailed one stepping stone, taking first at the Ford Nationals show in Carlisle. However, it’s not fame or recognition that drives Jim. It’s the love of the car, the community, and sharing that enthusiasm with others. In his words, “I have made a lot of great friends through the Mustang community and some of those are now my closest friends and to me that’s what it’s all about…great friends and great cars.”

Love At First Sight

Jim’s adventure started with his 2010 Mustang and continued with his 2012. He spotted the S550 at the 50th Anniversary Mustang Show in Charlotte, and Jim had to have one. Jim attests that 2015 5.0 Mustang engine coverbetween the 2015 and his previous two Mustangs, Ford did the best with the 2015. When he got his chance to nab one seven months after the celebration he went all out, opting for the GT Premium package. Those bigger valves will certainly help his track ambitions.

Like his previous Mustangs, Jim has entered his 2015 in local shows and attended a number of road rallies. More often than not he focuses on shows that benefit our veterans and wounded soldiers. Aside from shows and club events Jim also enjoys cruising around, experiencing the car, and keeping an eye open for a photo op should he find the right spot.

Dressed To Impress

Jim’s current setup shows off a set of 20 inch aftermarket rims that match his color scheme and accentuate the stance from the coil overs. The custom silver with red striping catches the eye and draws attention to the car as a whole. The tinted windows finish off the smoked look. From the back the diffuser adds to his Mustang’s aggressive attitude, and the black chrome exhaust tips provide a subtle but popping accent. Jim also hydro dipped his engine in carbon fiber, and the Airaid cold air intake serves as a reminder that Jim’s 2015 is more than a pretty face.

Thinking Ahead

Jim has a few appearance mods left for his GT to make it one of a kind. His plan? “What I hope to achieve is a car that I designed/built to my liking and expectations and that it will continue to 2015 5.0 Mustang Decklid stand apart from any other one out there.” So far Jim’s Mustang is doing quite the job of breaking away from the herd, and the mods he has in mind will further his goal for one unique ride.

Along with the intake, he already installed a Borla Catback and an X-pipe. No doubt his Mustang sounds as good as it looks. Jim wants to complete his Mustang’s look with side scoops, window louvers, a chin spoiler, and a set of side skirts all from MMD by Foose. The last piece of the puzzle will be a Whipple supercharger to make his Mustang track ready. If Jim’s recent show success is any indication, he and his Mustang will do well in the track scene while looking good doing it.

Modification List

Borla Street Series Catback Exhaust w/Black Chrome Tips
Airaid Cold Air Intake & Bama Tune
• Custom tint
• Custom striping
• Custom engine cover

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