2015 Mustang Exhaust Buyers Guide: Finding The Perfect Exhaust

2015 Ford Mustang Flowmaster Outlaw Axleback Exhaust from AmericanMuscle.com

With all of the aftermarket 2015 Mustang exhausts available, we’ve compiled a list to help you in choosing the right one for your S550 Mustang!This list breaks down some of the popular 2015 Mustang Catback exhausts, and includes loudness, materials, tip size and style, piping size, and muffler type.

Flowmaster Outlaw Catback Exhaust

Item # 387145 – Having been in the muffler business for 30 years Flowmaster has proven themselves again with their Outlaw Series Exhaust. Equipped with durable 409 stainless steel construction, 3″ mandrel bent tubing and 4″ polished tips this system is sure to attract lots of attention to your GT! One of the benefits of this system is that it’s going to include an X-pipe, which 2015 Mustang Flowmaster Catback will not only improve the exhaust gas flow but adds a great race inspired growl!

Loudness – Deep/Aggressive

Materials – Stainless Steel

Tip Size/Style –  4″ Polished Stainless Tips

Piping Size – 3”

Muffler Type – Outlaw Series Race Inspired Mufflers

Magnaflow Street Catback Exhaust

Item #384377 – Magnaflow’s Street Catback will give your Stang the classic muscle car sound it deserves. With 3″ Mandrel Bent Tubing and 4.5″ Polished Tips and Magnaflow’s chambered 2015 Mustang Magnaflow Catbackmufflers you’re sure to be heard from blocks away.

Loudness – Less aggressive than Ford Racing, slightly louder than stock but deeper and more livable. Perfect for the long haul

Materials – Stainless Steel

Tip Size/Style –  4.5″ Polished Stainless Tips

Piping Size – 3”

Muffler Type – Chambered

Ford Racing By Borla Sport Catback Exhaust

Item # 384388 – The Ford Racing by Borla Sport Cataback is aggressive when you want it – docile when you need it; The perfect blend of raw muscle with Ford Racing quality. With 4″ Tips and 2015 Mustang Stainless Works Catback2.5″ Mandrel Stainless Steel Tubing and an over all weight reduction of over 30 pounds this is hands down one of favorite picks for the 2015 GT!

Loudness – Throaty/Aggressive/Loud at WOT, docile at cruise

Materials – Stainless Steel

Tip Size/Style –  4″ Chromed Stainless Tips

Piping Size – 2.5”

Muffler Type – Stainless Steel/Straight Through Sport Style

MBRP Race Catback Exhaust W/ H-Pipe

Item # 3386663 – If you’re looking to make your S550 scream then the MBRP Race Catback is the exhaust for you! Equipped with cylindrical race mufflers and an included H-Pipe this is going to be the most muscular system for your GT at a price that won’t burn through your wallet! Comprised of 3″ 409 Stainless Steel Tubing that’s mandrel bent and 4.5″ polished 304 Stainless Steel Tips 2015 Mustang MBRP Catback Exhaustyou’ll have the aggressive look to match the sound!

Loudness – True muscle car sound/heavy rumble

Materials – Stainless Steel

Tip Size/Style –  4.5″

Piping Size – 3”

Muffler Type – High Flow Race Muffler

Stainless Works 3″ Retro Chambered Catback Exhaust W/ H – Pipe

Item # 384842 – With 304 Mirror Polished Tips and weighing in at 22lbs less than the OEM Exhaust System you’re not only going to get a bump in performance as well as sound but your GT will 2015 Mustang Ford Racing Catbackbe shedding pounds in minutes with Stainless Works 3″ Retro Chambered Catabck! With its retro styled chambered mufflers and the included H-Pipe you’ll be sure to  turn heads either at the track or at a local meet!

Loudness – Very Aggressive/Forceful

Materials – Stainless Steel

Tip Size/Style – 4″ Polished Tips

Piping Size – 3”

Muffler Type – Retro Chambered

Kooks Catback Exhaust W/ X – Pipe

Item # 386638 – With 4″ Black Slash cut tips, 3″ tubing and an included X-Pipe you can’t go wrong with Kooks Catback! This catback will not only get you an aggressive sound you’ll rest easy knowing that it’s constructed of superior 304 Stainless Steel that will be sure to hold up over time.  In a couple hours you can have it bolted up right to your factory location without any 2015 Mustang Kooks Catback Exhaustmodification required making this system a direct fit, bolt on replacement!

Loudness – Aggressive/Slightly Higher Pitched/Metallic due to x pipe

Materials – Stainless Steel

Tip Size/Style – 4″

Piping Size – 3”

Muffler Type – Race Muffler

Comment below your thoughts on this list or if you have any personal experience with these exhausts!



  1. It is interesting that the Ford Racing exhaust is smaller than all the rest. Why is this necessary? These are interesting because the variation is pretty slight, but the difference is noticeable. Thank you for sharing all of the specific details of each type of exhaust.


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