Modifying your 2011-2014 Manual Trans: An MT-82 Upgrade Guide

When Ford unveiled their latest 5.0L engine, with it came the new manual transmission, the MT-82. Produced by Getrag, the MT-82 was designed to be able to handle a large amount of torque and horsepower. As you modify your Mustang it is important to modify your transmission to be able to handle whatever you throw at it with your build. With a few simple modifications, you can turn your MT-82 transmission into a stout platform that is perfect for your Mustang!


One of the best parts of driving a manual is feeling connected to your Mustang and nailing those perfect shifts. The remote shifter of the MT-82 can cause you to feel disconnected from your Mustang when driving and even have you missing shifts. An aftermarket shifter from Hurst, who has been making shifters since before the Mustang was in production, will make your shifts feel like an extension of yourself and reduce the distance in between each shift!

Clutch Line

From the factory, the MT-82 uses a plastic clutch line that can cause your clutch pedal to stick to the floor when racing due to the line becoming too hot. When the stock clutch line becomes hot from spirited driving/racing, it will stick to the floor; SR Performance’s stainless steel clutch line remedies this problem. By not allowing the clutch line to expand due to the high-quality stainless steel construction, your shifts will feel much more smooth and responsive, especially at the track.

Clutch Reservoir

The MT-82’s clutch fluid circuit and reservoir is the same circuit and reservoir that the brake system uses, which can translate into brake fade and diminished clutch engagement. To avoid this issues, on the track or the street, Shelby Performance Parts created a remote reservoir for your clutch fluid. By splitting the brake and clutch fluid circuit, brake fade will be a thing of the past and clutch engagement will be much more crisp.

Transmission Bushing

A common issue experienced by a lot of MT-82 owners is high RPM lockout in between shifts due to excess transmission movement caused by the stock bushing. Fix this issue and take full advantage of your Mustang’s potential, by installing the Whiteline Transmission Bushing Insert. This will reduce drivetrain vibration as well as fix those high RPM lockouts when you are rowing through the gears.


A new clutch for your MT-82 will do wonders for your shifts and overall drivability. While the stock clutch can feel spongy, an aftermarket clutch will feel crisp and much more responsive. A great option for a clutch replacement is Exedy, who over the years has built a well-respected reputation for being one of best clutch manufacturers around. The Mach 500 Stage 3 Clutch from Exedy is the perfect all-around clutch for daily driving as well as track use!

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