Video: Oh, How Easy It Is – 2015 GT Goes 10s in 1/4 Mile

Sit back, relax, and check out the latest episode of Hot Lap if you’re into blistering fast 2015 Mustangs, brand new part offerings for the S197 from the likes of Magnaflow and RTR, or if you just want another chance to win free performance parts for your 1979-2015 Mustang. 

Two 2015 Mustangs Not to be Taken Lightly

With warmer weather finally gracing us here in the northeast, once again we welcome the return of smokey burnouts and low quarter mile times at the drag strip. This time around, the Bama crew got to testing their brand new Bama Supercharger Package for the 2015 Mustang GT. Also getting a workout and hunting for an even more impressive time slip was the 9-second GT we ran previously–a car that dipped below the 10-second mark with ease.

With only the bama Supercharger kit (2.9L Whipple blower, supporting fuel mods and a Bama tune) and no other performance mods, the blower-equipped automatic GT ran an extremely impressive 10.82 second quarter mile at 128.97 MPH. Once more, the car put down over 600whp (that’s 750hp at the crank for those purists looking to compare to factory numbers) with a completely stock exhaust and throttle body. Not too shabby.

The 9-second GT did not fare as well. During it’s first run, the workhorse GT caught a case of engine trouble and had to be shut down for the day, but not before posting a promising 6.3x time in the 1/8th mile. Boasting an impressive 860+rwhp and 685rwtq, look for this S550 to make it’s return to the Strip shortly in full pursuit of a low 9-second pass.

RTR’s Factory Fresh Axle-back For ’11-’14 GTs

We’re also happy to carry RTR’s latest axle-back offering, the RTR Tactical Performance Street Spec Axle-back Exhaust with Black Tips. The dual inlet design paired with stainless steel 3 inch tubing and 4 inch tips eliminates any possibility of drone without the raspiness you sometimes get with other 2011-2014 axle-back systems. The RTR Tactical axle-back produces one of the more unique exhaust notes on the market today and is the perfect fit for enthusiasts pursuing a lower-key or blacked out style for the rear of their S197 Mustang.

The 2015 Mustang GT350 & 350R

We told you it would be a limited run, but Ford really put the squeeze on potential buyers by only opting to produce 100 2015 GT350s and 37 GT350R Mustangs. Those numbers match the production numbers of the original GT350 produced in 1965 and sans historical significance, the GT350 was going to be in extremely high demand to begin with. Good luck finding one of these cars not in a personal museum or wrapped up in 3,000 layers of bubble wrap.

Who Doesn’t Love Free Parts?

Finally, AmericanMuscle is giving away a free K&N intake that will fit any 1979-2015 Mustang. Just head over to the signup page and fill out the form.


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