Tuning an Auto 2015 Mustang GT with Bama Performance V2 Tunes

Automatic 2015 Mustang GT with a Bama V2 Tune

Making an automatic 2015 Mustang GT shift harder and put down more power is an easy feat for the Bama Performance team. The Bama Team has been working extensively on their V2 tunes which have brought some quite impressive results, especially to the S550 Mustang .

Auto 2015 GT Stock Power Numbers

Bama Performance recently had an auto 2015 GT  on the dyno receiving the royal Bama treatment. In bone stock form, the 2015 GT put down 361 RWHP and 342 RWTQ. While that is nothing to scoff at, it isn’t anything to write home about either.

Tuning an Automatic Mustang For Power

In addition to power and torque, one of the most important parts of tuning an automatic Mustang is refining just how the transmission puts down the power from the engine. In each tune, Bama Performance fully optimizes the shift profile of your transmission to get the most out of it. The biggest differences that automatic Mustang owners will enjoy with a V2 tune is crisper shifting points, more aggressive throttle response, and incredible drivability, especially outside of WOT.

Auto 2015 GT Bama Tuned Power Numbers

On 87 octane winter blend fuel and a Bama Performance tune, the auto 2015 S550 GT put down 372 RWHP and 344 RWTQ. After swapping out the 87 octane for some good old 93 octane, the increases became even more impressive with the GT putting down 393 RWHP and 377 RWTQ.  These are incredible gains from nothing more than a Bama Performance X4/SF4 Tuner and Bama Performance V2 tune.

Stock RWHP/RWTQ: 361/342

Tuned RWHP/RWTQ: 393/377

Peak Gains RWHP/RWTQ: 32/35

Once again, the Bama Performance team has proven the power and the difference a Bama Tune can make. Be sure to stay tuned and check back for more updates on the latest in Bama Tuning news!


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  1. Can you use a tuner on a 1998 Mustang with a 3.8 v6 that’s a 5 speed stick and will it do any good or would it be a waste of time and money


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