1990 Oxford White LX Fox Body Mustang Burnout

Fox Body Mustang Part Guide

The table below has been developed to help Foxbody Mustang owners source common, good-quality parts. The purpose of this recommendation guide is not to provide the most expensive or cheapest upgrade possible, but the best part for the price.

Any of the parts below will provide excellent functionality, reliability and good value for the cost. However, it is of the utmost importance that any part you pick is suitable for the application of which you intend to use it.

Section Breakdown
Use the links below to jump to a particular part section.

Brake parts and upgrades
Engine parts and upgrades
Exhaust parts and upgrades
Ignition & fuel parts and upgrades
Suspension parts and upgrades
Transmission parts and upgrades

Project Foxbody Mustang Stage 4Ultimate Foxbody Part Guide – Continued

Category Type Manufacturer Part Number Comments
Pads (front) Upgrade Hawk HB263F.650 HPS series great for heavy street, light track use.
Rotors (front) Stock OPR 53214 Basic inexpensive replacement
Upgrade StopTech 126.61026SL Slotted, good street/strip performance
Stainless lines Upgrade Russell 693010 Can help increase brake feel. Front & rear kit
Cold air intake Upgrade BBK 1557 The classic Fox cold air intake. Fenderwell mount
Head bolts Stock ARP 154-3601 Hex, 7/16″ standard length. Works with stock E7 heads and most aftermarket 302 cylinder heads
Head studs Upgrade ARP 154-4201 Hex, 7/16″ standard length. Changes from bolts to head studs (greater clamping and better distribution)
Oil filter K&N HP3001 Attached nut makes removal easy. Silicone anti-drain valve
Oil pan Stock OPR 100982 Has provision for oil level sensor
Upgrade Moroso 20511 7-quart capacity
Timing chain Stock Comp Cams 2138 Magnum double roller
Upgrade Ford Performance M-6268-B302 Double roller, steel sprockets (not iron)
Valve cover gasket Ford Performance M-6584-A50
Valve covers Stock Holley 37236 Chrome. Inexpensive replacement.
Water pump Stock Ford Performance M-8501-C50 Reverse rotation (what you need), OEM replacement
Header bolt Upgrade ARP 400-1102 Stainless steel, hex, 3/4″ long, 3/8″-16 thread
Header gasket Stock Ford Performance M-9448-B302 Inexpensive, fiber laminate. Seals well.
Shorty headers Upgrade BBK 1511 Easy to install. GT40P compatible
Ignition & Fuel
Cap & rotor Accel 8234
MSD 8482
Coil (TFI) Upgrade Accel 140012 SuperCoil
MSD 8227 Blaster
Fuel filter Motorcraft E7DZ-9155-A
Fuel pump Upgrade BBK 1607 EFI 255 lph, best price for performance
Aeromotive 11540 EFI 340 lph, very high quality
Plugs Stock NGK 6945 Copper plugs work the best on stock or mildly modified (naturally asipirated) Foxbody Mustangs. No need for iridium or anything else.
Wires Upgrade Ford Performance M-12259-C301 9mm, blue, pre-cut
Ford Performance M-12259-R301 9mm, red, pre-cut
Taylor Cable 51058 (87-93 5.0) Great value. 8mm, black
Lowering springs Eibach 3510.140 Pro-Kit, Front drop: 1.2″, rear: 1.0″
Spring Isolator (front) SR Performance 56054 Black
Spring Isolator (rear) SR Performance 56055 Black
Strut (front) Stock SR Performance 390042 Good OEM replacement
Upgrade Bilstein 35-041382 HD series, yellow, works well with lowering springs
Shock absorber (rear) Stock SR Performance 390043 Stock replacement
Upgrade Bilstein 24-021487 HD series, yellow, works well with lower springs
Subframe connectors Upgrade Maximum Motorsports MMFL-5B Full length, weld-in. Need to be painted
Clutch Upgrade Ram 88794HD HDX series, single disc, 450 HP
Flywheel Stock Ford Performance M-6375-B302 Iron, 157 tooth, 50oz balance. Uses Ford Performance install kit M-6397-A302
Upgrade Spec SF05A Aluminium, 157 tooth, 50oz balance
Shift kit (AOD) Upgrade B&M 40227 Significantly improve shift firmness and speed when on the throttle
Short throw shifter Upgrade Steeda 555-7353 Tri-Ax shifter. Excellent performance, best price.

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