Video: Ford Is Track Testing The GT350 and GT350R In The 1/4 Mile

New video has surfaced showing the GT350 and GT350R at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida getting in some 1/4 mile track testing!  These pictures and video come in just days after the rumors of the GT350R destroying the Z/28’s Nurburgring lap time first broke last week. Ford has called the new Shelby GT350 and GT350R the most track capable Mustangs ever produced, and it seems they are on a mission to prove it; whether it is a 1/4 mile or road course, the GT350 is seeking to dominate it.

Originally reported by StangTV, a man driving past the 1/4 mile track in Bradenton saw the camouflaged S550 Mustangs and pulled over to take a quick video. Unfortunately he was not able to capture video of the two GT350s tearing down the 1320. It is interesting though that Ford is not ignoring 1/4 mile performance and prowess in the GT350, which was designed to ultimately live on and dominate a track.

It is intriguing that out of all of the 1/4 mile tracks Ford could have chosen to test their GT350 on, they chose Bradenton which is where the NMRA series kicks off. Although Ford has not mentioned debuting the cars at this years NMRA event, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Ford would use that event to create more press for the 2016 Shelby GT350.

While there still has not been any definitive power figures released, Ford has said that horsepower will be 500+ and torque will be 400+. This is coming through the naturally aspirated 5.2L coyote based engine that Ford has paired with a flat-plane crankshaft, giving the GT350 an 8k red line.

Pair the GT350’s power with its incredible weight savings and aerodynamics and I would imagine that they will put down some pretty fast times in the 1/4 mile. It should be pretty interesting to see how close (or distant) the 1/4 miles times are between the GT350 and the R version, which benefits from even more impressive weight savings.

What times do you think the GT350 and GT350R put down?


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