Modifying Mike Smith’s 2015 Mustang GT

AmericanMuscle customer Mike Smith brought his 2015 Mustang GT into our studio to turn his S550 into one sick ‘stang! While the new S550 chassis is an incredible platform for America’s pony car, there is always room for improvement and Mike is looking to make the most out of his 2015.

Mike had owned a 25th Anniversary Fox Body, but had to sell it do to living in the Northeast and having a young family. Ever since he sold it 16 years ago, Mike has been itching to get into another Mustang; the itch only got worse with the 2014’s, but as soon as he saw the new 2015 it was love at first site. In a poetic turn of events, Mike found himself behind the wheel of a black 2015 GT 50th Anniversary Package.

From the factory there were a handful of things Mike wanted to immediately address: the sound, the power, and the drivability. Even though Mike had been out of the Mustang game for a few years, he knew that AmericanMuscle was the place to go for the royal Mustang treatment.

Mike brought his ’15 GT into our studio where it received some upgrades. To change the tone of his Mustang to something more aggressive, Mike went with the Flowmaster American Thunder Axle-Back Exhaust which really improved the overall sound of Mike’s Mustang. To give him a bump in power, an Airaid Cold Air Intake delivered an increase in power while also improving his fuel economy.

To tie everything together, Mike added a Bama Performance SF4/X4 tuner and Bama tune to really wake his 2015 up. Mike said that after the tune and modifications he had improved power and drivability, specifically calling out shifting and power delivery. Mike will be back and modding his 2015 Mustang even more. Make sure you check back for future updates on Mike’s build!

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