Testing the Shelby GT350 in Extreme Weather Conditions

While everyone’s excitement is held until the new 2016 Shelby GT350 Mustang is released, Ford continues to tease us by touting the prowess of their new Z/28 killer with video of it testing in some extreme conditions. In the most recent video to be released from Ford, they show the new Shelby GT350 undergoing Ford’s rigorous cold weather testing that they put all of their vehicles through.

The folks over at mustang6g.com originally picked up the video showing the insane testing they put the new GT350 through. The testing, which is standard for all new Ford vehicles, involves Ford blasting the GT350 with ice cold air while it is running to see where ice builds up and how the car responds to the ice build up.

In what Ford engineers call a “total vehicle test” they monitor how the S550 Mustang responds to ice build up around headlights, the engine, the airbox, shifter linkage, and pretty much everything/anything else between the headlights and the taillights.

This video is a true testament to the lengths that Ford goes to, to ensure that the final product that the customer receives is of the highest quality and that it will not fail in situations that put stress on the vehicle. It is interesting to see how a car like the Shelby GT350 performs in tests like these with the Voodoo motor, especially with snow buildup around the engine. With the new GT350 utilizing a flat-plane crankshaft that is very dependent upon weight balancing to eliminate engine vibration, snow build-up around the engine could potentially cause vibration from the engine bay; it appears that Ford has already considered this and addressed it in their testing.

However, I think the real question that remains is how many new S550 Shelby GT350’s will see snow, let alone blizzard conditions?

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