First Look At The 2015 Mustang Shelby GT

2015 Shelby Mustang

The new post-title 2015 Mustang Shelby GT was recently spotted in Palm Springs at a promotional photo shoot and it looks awesome!

Originally reported by Jalopnik, the sighting of this new Shelby GT comes to us with relatively little information other than pictures and our own theories one this newly-badged S550 Shelby offering.

Just a few months ago, we reported to you about a posting on a Shelby Forum from an employee of Shelby American, confirming that there would be a post-title Shelby option released in the coming months. There was no mention of any power or drivetrain specs, just that there was something in the works.

Shelby GT Engine vs Shelby GT500 Engine

While we have already seen the new 2015/2016 Shelby GT350 that Ford has been working on, there has been some rumors that Shelby American was going to offer a post-title Shelby GT500. However, these new pictures of the S550 Shelby show it wearing a “Shelby GT” badge with no sort of GT500 badging anywhere on the body.

I would say it is safe to assume that this post-title Shelby option will utilize the current production 5.0 coyote motor. While the new Shelby GT350 will be coming from Ford with a 5.2L Voodoo Motor, it would be a major surprise and an unexpected twist if that engine found it’s way into this post-title vehicle.

Is The Shelby GT Supercharged?

Something that is definitely exciting and intriguing is the noticeably raised hood-line. By raising the hood-line of the 2015, one can only assume that when a company like Shelby does it, it is for a purpose; I have a sneaking suspicion that Shelby’s new 2015 Shelby GT Mustang might be hiding a Ford Racing supercharger underneath the hood, similar to other vehicles they have offered in the past.

We are eager to learn more about this new Shelby GT and will keep you posted on the latest details as we learn them. What engine do you think is under the hood of the new Shelby GT?


  1. The GT350 will stay as it is. It seems like the GT500 Trinity is missing and discontinued. What if Shelby has the tooling to reproduce it? Shelby could sub contract build them and put it in one of these 2015’s. Maybe but it would be a long shot. The Coyote has much more potential than the 2014 and older Coyote. It’s been re engineered to make more torque and horse power. That would trickle down to adders. We’ve seen the aftermarket make north of 700HP so it’s a breeze to make it a lower priced alternative!!!


    1. Shelby GT500 is happening however conflicting rumors on whether they are still using the 5.8L or going back to the very successful 5.4L in any event, it is determined to come out with 740hp


  2. Don’t care which motor they finally go with as long as it achieves no 1 in the north American market which, we assume Ford would do given they have waited for the others.


  3. Why would ford go backwards to the 5.0 coyote motor??…..would be a huge miss, they already have a far superior motor platform with the 5.8 or, if they wish can also use the prior 5.4. Either are all aluminum with the potential of building a factory 750+hp Shelby without changing any or the prior internals. 5.0 is the regular mustang gt starting point…..want to be ahead of the competition, go with what you created for the larger power.


  4. No body wants to get beat! So the Chevy ZR1 Camaro will be the car people will be looking to buy. Making the Shelby collectible because no one bought one.


  5. Blabla.! Ford should leave the gt500 with the 5.8 and bump it to 800hp and make a mach1 with the raptor 6.2 all motor with around 650hp and leave the 5.0 ecobust for the cobrajet and don’t touch the gt350 mybe take it to 600hp.!!


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