Ken Block and his 1965 AWD Mustang

Video: Ken Block’s 1965 AWD Mustang is a Tire Shredding Monster!

In the latest installment of Ken Block’s Gymkhana video series, he hoons an all-wheel drive 1965 Mustang making 800+ HP around the streets of LA and it is as insane as it sounds. For years Ken Block has been making videos that highlight his driving skills, but usually the hero car was a Subaru STI or a Ford Fiesta. However, for the most recent installment Ken had a custom 1965 Mustang built to meet his hooning needs, and it is absolutely incredible. After first being debuting his Mustang at SEMA, Block’s Mustang can now be seen ripping around LA in full 1080p video!

Using a Roush-Yates 410ci, the “Hoonicorn” makes 845 HP and 710 TQ and is paired up to a custom built drivetrain that offers a sequential gearbox and AWD, allowing Ken to spin all four wheels. The Hoonicorn was the culmination of Ken’s team, ASD Motorsports, and Vaughn Gittin Jr’s RTR brand coming together to create one of the sickest one-off Mustangs ever to be built.

To some, taking a 1965 Mustang and giving it AWD is complete sacrilege, however I think it is a refreshing take on the classic pony. This Mustang was heavily influenced by American Muscle cars, DTM cars, and WRC cars, which becomes obvious when studying the ’65.

What are your thoughts on Ken’s ’65 Hoonicorn? Is it the perfect Mustang or is it an abomination?


Featured image by Larry Chen and can be found on

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  1. In the 12 minutes of this video he did a days work of driving. I would like to know what the top end miles per hour in a rolling 1 mile run would be. I am tired just watching the video.


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