VIDEO: BAMA Sets New 2015 Mustang Record With 10.4 Pass!

Bama's world record 2015 Mustang GT pass

The Bama Performance team was back at the drag strip with the mission of defeating their old record and setting a new one with their 2015 Mustang GT! Just last week the Bama team shattered the previous record set by Ford for the fastest naturally aspirated 2015 Mustang GT, with a record setting pass of 11.2 at 121 MPH. After only being able to make a couple of passes due to some issues with the stock half-shafts, Bama returned to MIR drag strip, setting their sights on a 10 second pass.

Maintaining their naturally aspirated record of 11.2, the Bama team kicked things up with a 150 shot of Nitrous that propelled the 2015 Coyote down the strip in 10.4 second pass @ 129 MPH. Previously, Ford held the boosted record with Timeslip from the fastest coyote mustang in the worldtheir supercharged 2015 Mustang GT running a 10.97 in the 1/4 mile.

When Bama ran their full tuned 2015 Mustang GT at the track the first time, the mods were:

  • 1. Full Exhaust System
  •       – Custom 1 7/8″ Long Tube Headers
  •       – O/R X Pipe
  •       – Race Bullet Mufflers
  • 2.  JLT Cold Air Intake (Stock Intake Manifold)
  • 3. Suspension Upgrades
  •       – Custom Fabricated Suspension Parts (will disclose at a later date)
  •       – Stock Bushings
  • 4. Minor Weight Reduction
  •      – Removed Passenger Seat And Rear Seat
  •      – Race Weight: 3,650 With Half Tank Of Fuel And Driver
  • 5. Slicks and Skinnies
  •       – 17″ Weld RTS With Mickey Thompson Front Runners
  •       – Hoosier Drag Slicks
  •  6. Bama Performance X4 With 93 Track Tune

This time, Bama also added:

Pass Time: 10.4 @ 129 MPH

With a handful of 2015 Mustang parts, some Bama Performance tuning, and some good driving, the Bama team raised the bar for the 2015 coyote game. Bama plans on improving the power-to-weight ratio of the 2015 Mustang GT further and returning to the track with some more nitrous and a fresh tune to set even faster times in the 1/4 mile!

What is worth noting is that between purchase price and the modifications, a tuner and custom tune, a modified 2015 Mustang GT can run circles around a 707 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat for just about half the price of a Hellcat. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

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