BAMA Sets World Record For Fastest NA 2015 Mustang GT

The Bama Performance Team just set a world record for the fastest naturally aspirated 2015 Mustang GT and you are never going to believe the time and trap speed! Bama Performance has been working non-stop on tuning the 2015 Mustang and their hard work has paid off with a world record time for the 2015 Mustang. The previous record, which was held by Ford Racing, was a 11.77 has been beaten by over half-a-second by the Bama Performance Team!

The Bama Performance tuned 2015 Mustang GT went 11.2 @ 121 MPH! The modifications are as follows [Updated 11/6 @ 2PM EST]:

  • 1. Full Exhaust System
  •       – Custom 1 7/8″ Long Tube Headers
  •       – O/R X Pipe
  •       – Race Bullet Mufflers
  • 2.  JLT Cold Air Intake (Stock Intake Manifold)
  • 3. Suspension Upgrades
  •       – Custom Fabricated Suspension Parts (will disclose at a later date)
  •       – Stock Half Shafts
  •       – Stock Bushings
  • 4. Minor Weight Reduction
  •      – Removed Passenger Seat And Rear Seat
  •      – Race Weight: 3,650 With Half Tank Of Fuel And Driver
  • 5. Slicks and Skinnies
  •       – 17″ Weld RTS With Mickey Thompson Front Runners
  •       – Hoosier Drag Slicks
  •  6. Bama Performance X4 With 93 Track Tune

This was all done on stock IRS bushings and half-shafts, which is incredibly impressive and gives us a sense of how robust the IRS system from Ford is.

This time was achieved on the first pass made right off the trailer and without the help of any sort of power adder or nitrous. The Bama Team is only beginning to really tap into the potential of the S550 and has much more in store for the 2015 Mustang, but they started off with the bar set high. Stay tuned as Bama goes back to the track in search of even faster 1/4 mile times in the 2015 Mustang!


  1. Insane!!! 11.2 is just unheard of in a motor so physically big with small cubes from the factory. Do they know if that’s a record Factory Wise. Can GM or Mopar do the same with their nearest size motor?


  2. Can we get details on the “Mods are as follows”? I get the Slicks,Wheels, Bama Tune and Suspension Parts. What exhaust system? Intake? Do you mean CAI? If so what CAI? What did you pull out for the weight reduction? Thank you and Congrats!


    1. KP, the mod list is updated above. The custom fabricated suspension parts won’t be revealed right now, but you might see them for sale on the site in the near future


      1. Awesome… Thank you for the update! Really not a big weight loss removing the seats. Pretty impressive. Now if the 17th will hurry up and get here when my Race Red PP GT arrives! I will be happy happy! I appreciate it Andrew!


      2. That’s an awesome ride you have coming and I’m sure waiting for it to arrive is grueling, good luck with it when it does arrive! I’m hoping to get a PP GT w/ Recaros in Guard myself. Ford really did hit a home run with the redesign


  3. I’m running 11.9@119.55 all I did was cut out the reso/mufflers, Airaid cai and SCT 93 can tune! All on stock 235/50/18’s……… I believe I have the fastest N.A. 2015 Mustang Gt……


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