Video: Here Comes the 2015 Mustang GT350

2015 Mustang GT350 TeasedWhile you may have heard the rumors, seen the latest spy photos and caught a glimpse of a leaked GT350 part or two, in their latest video Ford has now begun hyping up what can only be the reveal of the 2015/2016 Shelby GT350. If we’re lucky Ford will play Santa Claus and make this a last minute 2015 model year car, but you’ll still have to wait to finally see it without all that camo…

The video above is one of five, created to lead up to the model year 2015/2016 Shelby GT350’s reveal on 11.17.2014. According to Mustang6G:

The video ends with some partial shots of the new Mustang and the date “11.17.14” in what is clearly Shelby lettering.”

Noting the distinct Shelby lettering, Ford’s tendency to tease us with very vague and cryptic pre-release announcements and that there were already rumors of this car being released back in September, one would fully expect Ford to show us the car on the 17th. Whether or not we see the car in the flesh at a publicly held event or if Ford drops images and video on us instead is yet to be seen.

Will This be a Late Model Year (M.Y.) 2015 or Early 2016 Vehicle?

One of the more intriguing aspects of a November release is that it’s still early enough to hold out hope for the GT350 being a 2015 M.Y. car. With the Z/28 out prowling the streets and the Hellcat poised to pounce on anything less than a GT500–which we might also see in 2015, possibly being produced as an add-on package directly from Shelby–Ford needs to answer the bell or be prepared to lose significant ground in the high performance American car market. The GT350, by all indications, is going to be Ford’s answer to the z/28.

The GT350’s Flat Plane Crank V8

We’re expecting the GT350 to be a naturally aspirated evolution of the 2012-2013 Boss 302–a car specifically designed for the track and equipped to handle Nürburgring at blistering speeds, as we’ve seen in previously leaked spy videos. It’s also been heavily rumored across multiple sources from both inside and outside Ford that the GT350 will be equipped with an aptly named “Voodoo” flat plane crank V8 pumping out between 500-600 horsepower. Bested on what we’ve seen of the car at The ‘Ring, the GT350 should be both deceptively quick and hellishly loud, pumping out an exhaust note that falls somewhere between a choppier GT500 and pissed off Ferrari.

Original Shelby GT350With all signs pointing to the newest generation of the GT350 following the track-built footsteps of the original, the stage has been set for an epic Z/28 vs GT350 Showdown in 2015.


    1. I hope it’s a GT500 and not naturally aspirated. I have waited for 2 years to but a GT500 and want a forewarning forced induction monstrosity.


      1. I think within the next year you’ll see a Forced Induction GT500 replacement and the GT350 (with the GT350/GT350R being the Boss302/302R replacement like Briane mentioned above). Hold out a bit longer and I’m confident Ford will surprise us again


      2. The next gt500 isn’t even going to have the 5.0 as it’s base engine. It still will have the old motor. So I’d wait for a F/I monster until its got the 5.0. The new rtr spec 2 is actually the best F/I mustang you can buy so far. Beats rousch, Saleen, Ford racing, and Shelby. Has 750 rwhp and fully adjustable suspension plus the looks are aggressive like they should be for that monster


  1. That’s awesome, I originally wrote about this on October 6th, talking about Multimatic Motorsports who have won 3 Championships and 30 race wins in Mustangs including the FR500C and the Boss302R. They will have a GT350R on the racetrack before the end of the year, that will be replacing the Boss302R and not the Ford Racing Mustang inbetween the GT350 and the Boss302R, like others speculated. This was at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge event in August and the pit reporter leaked out this information early, not realizing the gravity of the information he just leaked out for the Ford Mustang performance enthusiast world. So I knew then that the 2015 Shelby GT350 was going to come out late this year, and not in 2016 like a lot of Mustang journalists were saying. It will have a 5.2L Voodoo engine, with a flat plane crank, making between 500 and 600 horsepower naturally aspirated. The Shelby GT350R will outperform the Boss302R by a wide margin with its independent rear suspension, a much higher hp engine, better brakes, more advanced technology on board, and with a much higher redline than the Boss302R due to it’s flat plane crank. This is the Indianapolis Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge event where the Pit reporter leaked the information early.


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