Bama Performance 2015 GT Mustang

Video: Bama Performance Makes Over 400RWHP Tuning A Stock 2015 GT

The Bama Team made some big power gains with on the AmericanMuscle 2015 Mustang GT on the dyno; you won’t believe the power it put down! Bama Performance has been at the forefront of Mustang Tuning for some time and continues to stay at the tuning forefront for the 2015 Mustang. After spending some time tuning our 2015 EcoBoost Mustang, Bama shifted their focus over to the 2015 GT and its revised coyote motor.

Stock Performance

Immediately upon receiving our 2015 Mustang GT, we drove it right onto our dyno to see what kind of numbers it was putting down. In stock form, our 2015 GT put down 381 RWHP and 359 RWTQ as a baseline with 93 octane in the tank. Once the Bama Team had their stock numbers, they wasted no time at all getting into the ECU of the 2015 to start developing more power.

2015 Mustang on the Dyno2015 Mustang Tuning

The members of the Bama Performance Team are experts at tuning Mustangs and had no issue making more power with 2015 Mustang. After adjusting the Mustang’s computer parameters, the Bama Team rolled the 2015 Mustang GT back on to the dyno to see the gains they made. After tuning, the 2015 Mustang GT  put down an incredible 402 RWHP and 382 RWTQ.

Seeing ashow more and more 2015 Mustang parts keep coming out, Bama decided to keep things going by throwing on a 2015 Mustang cold air intake from JLT Performance.  The 2015 JLT Cold Air Intake features a 110mm MAF housing and a large reusable filter that allows for the robust coyote engine to breathe easier. After tuning the 2015 GT with the JLT CAI, it put down 412 RWHP and 382 RWTQ.

To simplify the power growth of our 2015 Mustang GT:

93 Octane Stock RWHP/RWTQ: 381/359

93 Octane Bama Tuned RWHP/RWTQ: 402/382

93 Bama Tune w/JLT Intake RWHP/RWTQ: 412/382

2015 Mustang GT Tuned by Bama Performance

Within the dyno graph, there are curve gains of 27RWHP and 42 RWTQ. The Bama Team found that tuning the 15 GT was similar to tuning the out going 14 GT with some minor differences. For starters, there are 12 additional spark and torque tables thanks to the charge motion control valves. The Bama Team also remarked that the 2015 Mustang relies more heavily on torque calculations than previous generations.

With nothing more then a 2015 Mustang Tuner, the Bama Team was able to make huge gains out of the new coyote motor; one can only imagine what the Bama Performance Team has in store for the future!


  1. I just received notification that my ’15 GT has an estimated delivery date of 11/17/14. I am very tempted to use the Bama tunes again ( I have an ’09 GT with Bama tunes and it is awesome ), but the warranty issue scares me a little, then Ford can see when the ECU has been tampered with.


  2. I am just (15 GT PP) using the 93 v2 tunes and only mod is FP catback by Borla and it is a blast. I wanted to get the JLT CAI to add as my next mod but the power increase does not seem to justify the price. I don’t drag but race on road courses. Not sure if the added 12hp will help. What does Bama say? Will the JLT CAI in conjunction with the exhaust provide better results?


    1. Hi, I would like to contact you for information about your Mustang. My name is
      Libor Kirth, I’m from the Czech Republic (Central Europe). Please contact me on my email :
      Thank you.


  3. With bama tune CAI cat back super 44 from flowmaster resonator removed and x pipe took go dyno to fine tune on 93.
    My mustang 2015 bought Nov 2014 just out in 14. I also added 90mm throttle body and throttle spacer . total rwhp with just bolt ons then tweeaked the bama tube came out at 431/399. Now I don’t know why but I see no mention anywhere about the race axkeback super 44 from flowmaster . sick loud sound and really different than borlas or any other catbacks. I get constant comments on how different my super 44 aggressive sound. But not sure why my HP and trq is showing slightly higher than any other similar set ups and bolt ons. Should be identical but with three of us dyno same day I showed higher and only difference is super 44 then the other two and my 90mm.
    This was December in Florida 72f


  4. The real wheel to torque went from 359 to 382. A gain of 23 not 42 as the article said. It is a gain of 31 for the horsepower. Seems pretty typical of adding a cold air and tune.


    1. Hey Joe, it’s not well stated in the article or represented in the graph shown, but the curve gains were 42rwtq, peak horsepower was as you said, 23rwtq. Not a bad return for two mods and probably the next two on my list. Exhaust had to come first though–the only thing the S550 severely lacks from the factory is actually being able to hear the 5.0 when you get on it, otherwise Ford hit a home run in 2015 imo


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