AM Gives $50 Gift Cards To First 2015 Mustang Owners

AmericanMuscle is giving away $50 gift cards to the first 25 2015 Mustang owners who post their new Mustang on! On the popular 2015 Mustang forum, Mustang6G, AmericanMuscle has offered $50 gift cards and AM gear to the first 25 people to post proof of their new Mustang in a thread.

So far 9 2015 Mustang owners have claimed their prize on the forum. In order to claim the gift certificate and AM gear, one most post a picture of their owners manual on the hood of their S550 Mustang like the one forum member did in the picture above. It is exciting to see all of the 2015 Mustangs begin to roll out onto the street for the first time!

Mustang6G forum members are clamoring to get their hands on their new 2015 Mustangs, however, the supply of 2015 Mustangs can not meet the demand as of yet. New S550 Mustangs are no sooner being unloaded off delivery trucks and they are already sold. No sooner are they sold and people are already starting to deck them out with 2015 Mustang Parts. It will be interesting to see how the sixth gen aftermarket develops.

Be sure to head over to Mustang6G and check out the thread they have going. Did you order a 2015 Mustang? What would your first mod be to the 2015 Mustang?

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