SPIED: Is This The New 2015 Shelby GT500?

Could these two heavily camouflaged Mustangs spotted in Denver, CO possibly be the new Shelby GT500? Initially reported by autoevolution.com, two heavily camo’d Mustangs were spotted at a gas station fueling up. These two Mustangs are different than the GT350’s we have spotted testing, which leads us to believe that these could be some of the first spy photos for a 2015 Shelby GT500.

By this point we have seen the GT350 pretty stripped down testing at the Nurburgring and have even seen the badges for the GT350. This weekend the GT350 is supposed to be revealed for the first time at the Continental Sports Car Challenge in Austin, which has everyone’s attention while these cars make their way on to the streets for testing.

What Makes This A GT500?

Take a careful look at the hood of these Mustangs and notice the large bump right in the middle of the hood. The GT350, like all other 2015 Mustangs, has a very low hood profile, which is why Ford Engineers said a supercharger would not fit. A large, raised hood like the one in these spy photos lead us to believe that this could be the big brother of the GT350, a forced induction GT500.

In addition to the hood, there is the pronounced (although camouflaged) rear of the Mustang. Even though Ford tried to hide it as much as they could, their appears to be a signature GT500 ducktail spoiler hiding underneath all of the mesh netting. The pronounced hood and ducktail spoiler are both mainstays of the GT500, leading us to believe there is one in the works.

When Will the Shelby GT500 Be Released?

Leaked Ford Parts showing us the 10th anniversary parts listed for a Shelby GT500 seem to point to there being a 2017 release for the Shelby GT500, hallmarking the 10 year anniversary of when the last iteration of the GT500 was introduced. There have been growing rumors from varied [anonymous] insiders at Ford that the Shelby GT500 is in the works for the 2017 year.

Shelby GT500 Engine Rumor?

Worth mentioning, the newest engine rumor for the S550 Shelby GT500 is that Ford plans on using the 5.2L Voodoo Motor with a Twin Turbo setup. With Ford’s push on EcoBoost technology and their new love for turbos, it is not surprising that they would push the envelope with TT Shelby GT500 to compete with Dodge Challenger Hellcat. We can only assume from the few pieces of gossip we have heard, that this would put power in the 700+ range.

Why This Makes Perfect Sense

By this point, the 2015 Mustangs are well under way in their production and are going to be on dealership lots very soon. The GT350 has been all but formally introduced to the public, while each recent public appearance of it reveals new details about the car as it dons less and less camo. It is strange to be Mustangs this heavily camouflaged roaming around now at this point in time, which means Ford is testing and working on something big. We just want to see what’s under the hood.

What do you think? Is this the new GT500? Would you drive a Twin Turbo Shelby GT500?


  1. I don’t believe it will be a TT 5.2 from the GT350 but a reworked for more horsepower SC 5.8 from the 2014. If it was a TT 5.2 they would have no reason to bulge the hood especially right in the middle where a roots style SC like the 2014 GT500 currently sit.


  2. Supercharger DOES fit under the stock GT hood.

    Ford Racing website shows a supercharged ’15 Mustang breaking into the 10s. It’s a ’15 GT with stock engine, Ford Racing supercharger, tune, drag slicks out back & some safety gear. Also, shown NA ’15 GT with slicks, long-tube headers, exhaust & tune doing high 11s. And ’15 2.3EB with tune, modified intake box, exhaust & slicks in the mid 12s

    I think the hood bump is for cross-flow intake manifold. Something like the R35 GT-R or Z32 300zx turbo. Used to help distribute airflow on twin-turbo engines.

    I think GT500 will have >700hp 5.0 (not 5.2) with forged pistons (9.5:1) & rods (H-beam not Boss). A turbo system consisting of cross-flow intake manifold, twin throttle body, twin side-mount intercoolers (air-to-air), and two twin-scroll turbo.


      1. the youtube video was added to Ford Racing website Sept 26th. It’s still there. You apparently when to their parts website. Ford Racing has 2 websites… Anyway. I’m Anne not misinformed (it’s not “your”). you’re misinformed. By the way, why you so weird?


  3. The hood bulge is camo to cover/hide what lies beneath. They’d never put this huge, tall hood on a street car, it blocks outward vision. This is likely the GT350 or Mach 1…. Def not GT500… The car testing on the Ring had the signature quad exhaust of the GT500 and grille of the 500…. The GT350 has always had two, single tip muffs out the back same as a regular GT, and, they’re going out of their way to completely conceal/cover this car.. My vote: GT350 or Mach, 100%… I’ve seen the 5-6 Quad tipped exhaust mustangs running around SoCA and AZ from Feb to early May 2014. Those cars had a big engine, deep, beefy, throaty sounds, like a 5.8 sans supercharger whine. Plus only the front was camo’d from side mirrors forward, and a few had slightly different looking tail light treatment. The 5.2 Flatplane sounds like a beefy V6 or smaller displacement 4.8-5.2L V8 with a thin X-pipe. My dealer just sold the last 2013 GT350 we had, for 89k… MSRP: 76k…. This is also the REAL Shelby. The 500 is a SVT high production car.


  4. My thoughts:

    GT500/Cobra: >700hp; ~3″ wider front track (aka front wide-body)

    Could be 5.8L rehash. But 5.8 engine costs >$30,000 and is old tech.

    5.0 “aluminator” for boosted application is <$10,000. Couple with new '15 high flow heads & upgraded Ti-VCT, it would be an incredible value. Superchargers running in 700hp range use 80-100hp just to spin. Supercharged engine needs to product 800hp gross to get a net output of 700hp. 5.0 coyote based turbo engine only needs 10psi to make 700hp! (5.8 needs 15psi for 650hp).
    GT350: 5.2 Flat-plane NA ~520-550hp (front wide-body); this is to Kick 911 & Z/28 butt & show Ford can dominate… no other reason.

    GT350R: 5.2 "500hp" track car. real hp determined by engine tune. Will allow privateers to road race at half GT3 prices.

    Boss: 460hp, GT w/ unique intake manifold, exhaust, tune, conservative aero & suspension. probably won't get/need forged pistons. Slightly less hardcore than '13 Boss but still faster.

    GT: 435hp/400tq

    2.3EB Special Model: 360hp/360tq, Boss-like suspension & aero
    2.3EB: 310hp/320tq


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